Why You Should Update Your Software

One of the biggest ways people sell themselves short is by avoiding software updates.

Whether it’s your phone, computer, or other software systems, we try to avoid updates. This could be because we’re satisfied with the system as it is or don’t want to wait for the updates to install. However, avoiding updates on your property management solution can cause a person or business to hold themselves back from maximizing the potential of their technology.

Community management software is no different. Community management software solutions come with periodic updates designed to improve functionality for the user. These updates are part of a strategic roadmap and carry significant advantages the user may not be aware of. It’s always best practice to update your software when prompted, and here are 3 reasons why.

Get Access to New Features

One of the biggest reasons to update your software is to gain access to new features.

When it comes to technology, newer is always better. Newer and higher tiered systems often come with better features than their predecessors. TOPS [ONE] for example offers advanced accounting, messaging, and resident portals if you upgrade your software. These recent upgrades were designed to streamline your collections process and make managing your community easier, thanks to our advanced community portal. However, an upgrade is required to access these features. Though you may already be satisfied with your system, updating can give you access to new features you didn’t even realize were beneficial.

Enhanced Security and Protection

The benefit most people probably don’t think of when it comes to software updates is the improved security features.

When TOPS offers a software update, we back up and protect your information. Many updates come with improved firewall protection and increased password security. With our increased use and reliance on technology, everyone is at risk of cyber-attacks. Updating your software when prompted is one of the best ways to prevent being hacked or getting viruses. As a community manager, the safety of you and your resident’s information is part of your responsibility. You should never cut corners when it comes to cyber-security. Always make sure you’re up to date to protect all the information within your community.

Get the Best Performance

With software updates you’re getting the best version of your current system.

Software updates often help improve performance with better organization, faster loading time, increased storage, and more. Updating your current community management software means having the fastest and cleanest system to date, allowing you to complete work efficiently, increasing your team’s productivity. Always update your software for the best performance.

Time to Update Your Property Management Solution

The next time an update is available, don’t wait to update.

Updating your community management software means, better security, more tools, better performance, and more.


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