Going Paperless Can Reduce Your Costs and Improve Productivity

As reliance on technology increases, it is important to take advantage of automation that it provides.

Automation helps your business reduce costs and improve efficiencies. In a previous blog, we discussed the advantages of going paperless to help with billing and payments. However, did you know that TOPS now allows you to go paperless with your mail? TOPS Mailroom is one of our newest features in TOPS [ONE]. With a paperless mailroom, you can generate all different forms of letters and mailers digitally for your community. This can be a huge benefit to your community in terms of saving money and improving the environment. Here are 3 ways mailroom can save you money.

Reduced Printing and Mailing Cost

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With TOPS mailroom, your printing and mailing expense are dramatically reduced.

Our all-in-one ordering platform allows users to order and print all types of mail forms easily from their home or office. With [ONE], you have the ability to order mailers, statements, letter notices, and more from your computer. This saves you trips to the post office and money on printing. Having more control over your printing gives your business a competitive edge and helps you save time and money. Use this advantage to put that money and effort back into your business and freeing up time to provide the best customer service to your clients.

Save Money on Delivery

In addition to printing and mailing, our new mailroom feature saves you money on delivery and tracking.

With [ONE] mailroom, you get up to the minute reporting and tracking. Whether you need to send out coupons, forms, or notices, TOPS allows you to send in bulk and offers multiple delivery options. You also have the ability to track each mailer you send out with no extra cost. Save money on delivery with TOPS [ONE].

Reduced Paper Use and Costs

The biggest advantage your business gains from using mailroom is taking something that has always been done by hand and making it entirely electronic.

Mailroom increases your efficiencies by sending communication jobs off to be remotely printed and mailed. This frees up you and your staff from the mundane tasks of printing, folding, stuffing and mailing in-house. Mailroom makes it easier to create, send, and track all your letters and other communication. This not only saves you a ton of time, but money as well. Get started with TOPS mailroom to start seeing amazing results.

Get Started with Mailroom

Mailroom is designed to save your business time and money.

It’s quick and easy to implement and comes with your TOPS [ONE] system. It lowers your operational costs so you can put that money back into your business. Creating and sending mail is just a click away.

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