4 Common Issues in Property Management Companies

Solving Property Management Problems With TOPS

At TOPS, we know just how challenging it is to be a community manager.

Your daily responsibilities are never the same and residents are always in need. You have a responsibility to your residents to make sure their homes and information are safe while maintaining profitability and a clean community. This is a lot to juggle at once. Luckily TOPS is here to help you with your biggest property management issues. Whether it’s accounting, communication, requests, reporting, and more, TOPS helps with our all-in-one solution. Here are 4 of the biggest issues community managers face and how TOPS can help.

Maintaining Information During Board Turnover

One of the biggest challenges community managers face is board turnover.

Board turnover is very common and it’s important for managers to quickly fill the open role left by a former member. After that member leaves, training the new member is a major task. Luckily TOPS can help speed up training. With TOPS, you get a cloud-based system with multiple account users. Meaning when a member leaves simply deactivate their account and create a new account for the new member replacing them. That new member then has access to all necessary documents and information which saves time on training. They also have access to our support staff who can walk them through all issues.

TOPS Helps You Grow Revenue

In any business, revenue is the key to remaining open.

As a community manager, this is no different. Communities generate revenue through resident payments and dues. If you are looking to grow revenue your PMC may consider purchasing more properties. TOPS can help with all of this. With TOPS you only need one account for all properties. So, if you manage multiple communities you can do it all from one account, not one for each community. TOPS allows for automatic payments and reporting so you reduce collections and get accurate reporting.

Unexpected Damage and Maintenance

TOPS can help with budgeting for unforeseen issues such as property damage and maintenance.

TOPS offers users a vendor portal which they can use to manage all their vendor expenses and projects. Say you hire a vendor for a new construction job or repair. TOPS vendor portal handles all documents, paperwork, billing, and more through its portal. This helps you maintain budgets on vendor projects and update the status, so you remain organized.

Save Time

Almost every community manager will say they don’t have enough hours in the day for all of their tasks.

That is where TOPS comes in. With TOPS cloud-based solution, you can access your account anywhere with the most up to date information. With your information in the cloud, you’re always backed up in case disaster strikes or information is lost. TOPS also offers a wide range of automated processes, such as reporting and billing. This saves you time in the office and allows you to focus on other aspects of your community. Get back to running your community with TOPS.

Use TOPS to Solve Your Property Management Problems

TOPS [ONE] Platform
TOPS is designed by property managers for property managers.

Our all-in-one solution is easily accessible and easy to use. It’s designed to tackle all your PMC issues and save you time. TOPS [ONE] gives you the platform to take care of clients and reach your goals. Get TOPS [ONE] and manage your community and alleviate stress.

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