5 Reasons Why Automation Is a Game Changer for 2021

Changing the Way We Do Business in 2021

There are several big tech trends to look forward to in 2021, with automation being at the forefront.

Automation is designed to make work easier by automatically generating information. For community managers, there are a lot of automation options when it comes to things like collections, accounting, and reporting. Automation helps save time and reduces stress on staff. This year, there are several trends that will automate what were once manual tasks for property managers, saving time and money. Here are the automation trends to watch in 2021.

Contactless Automation

One trend that is expected to expand this year is contactless automation.

As a result of the pandemic in 2020, people became accustomed to completing tasks online or digitally, reducing human to human interaction. This trend is expected to continue in 2021. TOPS [ONE] offers a number of features that allows for business continuity during times where you have to work from home. This includes owner portals for collections, and VendorAlly for automatic vendor payments. Contactless automation reduces time on tasks and gives you time back in the day.

Increased Accessibility

Another trend expected to become more common is increased accessibility.

This means users expect to have multiple ways to access their account. This includes mobile apps, cloud-based computing, online portals, and more. With increased accessibility options from TOPS [ONE], board members can easily access their account via any device. Your staff don’t need to be tied to the office, since they can easily access the TOPS mobile app to complete tasks. This allows property managers to always be on top of anything that happens in the community.

Expansion and Simplification

Automation in 2021 is expected to be more simplified and prevalent in software.

Increased reliance on technology from communities has led to the desire of a simplified process when it comes to reporting, documentation, and other responsibilities. TOPS [ONE]’s cloud-based platform offers CAM automated reporting and billing.


Hyperautomation refers to the use of advanced technologies to help automate processes usually performed by humans.

Hyperautomation can be used when it comes to tasks like messaging, collections, and reporting. Instead of manually sending messages, you can set up the message to go out on its own at a certain time. You can also schedule weekly reports with the most recent information in your system. This gives you time back to focus on running your community.

Anywhere Options

The last main automation trend to look for this year is an anywhere option when it comes to your software.

This means being able to access your account no matter your location or connection. With TOPS, you can access your account from any location on any device. Having an anywhere option always allows community managers to stay connected to their residents and staff. This is a huge advantage in a field where you work 24/7.

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