Managing Properties Remotely

As we’ve seen this year with COVID-19, businesses need to able to handle manage remote workers effectively.

For community managers, remote work can be a major benefit if done correctly. By being able to manage your portfolio remotely, you open up your schedule and give yourself flexibility that didn’t exist before. This is not limited to your properties or portfolio either. Offering remote work to your employees can improve productivity and make everyone’s job easier. Here are just a few ways you can remotely manage your portfolio.

Cloud-Based Software Solutions

TOPS prides itself on making TOPS [ONE], a community management software solution that unifies all community management operations.

The secret is our cloud-based solutions system. Cloud-based technology is technology connected to the cloud which stores all your information, passwords, documents, and more. How does this help with community management? With a cloud-based solution, you can manage all your properties and communities from anywhere. With all your information stored in the cloud you can easily log in from any device with TOPS. TOPS is available on your phone, tablet, or computer. So, with our cloud system, you can start your work at the office and then finish it at home. Picking up right where you left off. This is because all your information is easily transferred. See how TOPS cloud-based solution can help you.

Manage Your Property from Any Device

In our new multi-screen world, now is the perfect time to take advantage of remote work.

As we said before, TOPS is available on all devices. You can access it through the internet through your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. This means you are always connected and can access reports and documents at any time. You can be at home with your tablet, at the office with your desktop computer, or at the coffeeshop with your phone and still able to manage your community. You can access all the same documents at all hours and work around your schedule. This makes working remotely easier than before.

Keep Your Properties Separate

TOPS keeps your properties separate and organized.

We’ve talked about how TOPS helps you work remotely, but it can also keep your properties separate within the system. If you manage multiple properties, you don’t need an account for each one. TOPS instead keeps them all under your current account and allows you to separate by property. This helps you keep all you bookkeeping, payments, documents, and more, organized and easier to manage. See how TOPS can help you with your various properties.

Get Started Today

TOPS is designed specifically for community managers and is the best solution.

It allows you to do your job easily and remotely. It also keeps your properties organized. TOPS is here to make your job easier and let you run your community to the best of your ability.

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