A Message From Mike Hardy

A Message From Mike Hardy

We hope that you and your family are safe and taking the necessary steps to protect your family from the COVID-19 virus that is quickly moving across the United States.

We here at TOPS are taking appropriate precautions to address the outbreak by following guidelines from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). To ensure we do our part to keep the virus from potentially spreading, we have:

– Requested our employees to work from home
– Suspended all work-related travel for the next 30 days

Due to our Hurricane season here in Florida, our employees are equipped to work from home and will continue assisting clients during this time. We will work to answer all calls and emails in a timely manner and appreciate your patience in advance.

For support requests, please visit support.topssoft.com.

We will continue to monitor developments and update our course of action as new information becomes available through the CDC.

Thank you very much and stay safe!

Mike Hardy, President & CEO
TOPS Software