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I love that the Advanced Portal allows you to see in real-time the HOA balance, and that payment is posted within 1-2 days to the account. I also like that it facilitates online HOA payments. Most of all, the feature which allows all my accounts to be together, thus entailing one sign on for access is ideal. There are so many beneficial features, such as being able to see infractions, etc., that I can go on and on. Our accounting is so much easier now.
P. Yvette McPhee
TOPS ONE User, Resident & Board Member

Self-Service for Your Owners

Nearly 67% of residents prefer to get help online versus having to call and talk to someone. Our Advanced Portals gives your owners the tools to easily self-serve. And if they need to reach out to your staff, the embedded Service Request feature gives you a trackable, reportable communication that is visible to all parties. 

  • Owners can use one login to access one or many homes they own
  • Owners can use online payment tools, including TOPS Pay
  • Allow Owners to submit a request for service


Set Yourself Apart

89% of Owners say Customer Service is the most important thing they are looking for and Owner expectations get higher every year. Without a solid resident engagement platform, that means more work for your team. Our Advanced Portals is the easy, turn-key solution that helps you look good and gives your Owners and Boards the information they want.

  • Greatly reduce phone calls with our Owner Access self-service portal
  • Rapid activation means your Owners and Boards can be online in hours not days
  • Advanced Portals is a turnkey solution requiring little work from your staff


Owner and Board Engagement on Any Device

Our Advanced Portals is a mobile-responsive application. That means that a user has a flawless experience no matter what device to access the site. Over 50% of Owners are using their phone to get online, so our Advanced Portals gives them the mobile experience their way without creating any additional work for you.

  • Allow Owners to access their Advanced Portal on any device
  • Compatible with Smart Phones, Tablets, Macs, and PCs
  • Increased utilization with support for multiple devices


Empower Your Board Members

Advanced Portals gives your Board Members a Dashboard to stay on top of everything in the community. From bank balances, to recent payables, to open issues in the association, the Advanced Portal serves them with real-time information.

  • Real-time data keeps your boards up-to-date
  • Dashboard view makes digesting lots of information easy
  • Allow Boards to view Payables, Reports, and Documents on demand


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