TOPS [ONE] Is the Best HOA Management Software Available

But Don’t Take Our Word for It… We Were Awarded a Gold Stevie Award for Best User Experience in 2017

It’s no surprise either, as the founder and many of our staff have property management experience. We understand the frustrations and pains (sometimes with growing) that you encounter every day while working in the property management field.

If you’re searching for self-managed condo software or something to manage a homeowners association, look no further than TOPS [ONE].

Here Are Seven of the Pain Points TOPS [ONE] Addresses for Our Users:

1. Late payments – Accept payments online anytime with TOPS Pay. For the residents who miss their due date, you can automate the collections process with Quick Collect.

2. Lack of time or staffAutomation options are built into every feature of TOPS [ONE] to help property managers save time on their recurring tasks.

3. Disparate systems – Switching between multiple software programs is frustrating when you need a full view of the association and its properties. TOPS [ONE] brings everything you need for property management into one place without the hassle of problematic integrations.

4. On-the-go access – Compatibility with any device allows users to complete tasks while away from a computer. If you need to access a file or data point while sitting in a meeting, you can pull the information up on your smartphone or tablet.

5. Limited systems – Explicitly created for property management, TOPS [ONE] is sleek and modern. It’s easy-to-use and includes all of the functionalities you need.

6. Data security – All files are stored in a highly secured data center facility protected from fire, flood, and theft. You’ll never have to worry about losing access to your data. Our servers have a 99% guaranteed uptime.

7. Incomplete reporting – With everything in one place, it’s easy to get a complete view of the association with our customizable reports. You can even schedule your reports to send to certain people automatically.

Isn’t It Time That You Moved Everything Over to One System?

Imagine the time and labor expense you’ll save with the automation features alone. You and your staff or Board will have more time to focus on what matters – building community.

Watch a demo to see why TOPS [ONE] is the best HOA managed software for your organization. The cloud-based system is perfect for filling your need for a self-managed condo software or property management system. Contact us now to learn more.

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