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How TOPS Helps You Manage Your Entire Community with [ONE] System

Does this sound like a typical to-do list for your mornings? Follow-up with a third-party vendor for the fourth time this week about a roof leak Send an email blast to residents about a broken pool heater Review financial statements Prepare a budget In the day of “there’s a tool for that,” Property Managers typically integrate […]

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SWOT Analysis for Property Management Companies

Ready to Take Your Property Management Company (PMC) to the Next Level? Whether you’re planning to make a shift or moving forward with business as usual, it’s helpful to conduct a SWOT analysis at least once a year. It will help to cut through the noise and show you where to focus your attention. The […]


How to Streamline Your HOA Financial Reporting

How to Streamline Your HOA Financial Reporting The first step in streamlining anything is to clean up and get organized. HOA boards still working on spreadsheets or multiple systems are prone to face issues with incorrect data in their HOA financial reporting. Multiple users and many versions of similar files could be putting your association […]


3 Ways TOPS Improves Community Communication & How It Can Help Your Community

Poor communication can damage your community’s overall morale. Is your staff overloaded with phone calls, inadvertently letting things fall through the cracks, and not getting back to residents about their requests? TOPS can help improve community communication and get your team working at their highest productivity levels. Continue reading to learn three ways our property […]


How to Leverage HOA Technology to Reduce Operating Costs

A considerable part of a Property Manager’s job revolves around controlling expenses. Property maintenance, community visits, and homeowner communications all necessitate additional workforce and relevant costs. Each purchase and labor expense must be analyzed to ensure that the expenditures are not greater than the profit. Fortunately, we live in a time where technology is at […]


Calculating ROI for Property Management Software

Asking yourself if property management software is worth the cost? We have a hunch that once you realize how much you’ll reap in savings, you’ll be ready to make the investment. An ROI calculation can help you get an idea of how much you’ll save. ROI stands for return on investment, and it reveals whether […]


What Do I Need to Prepare for a Year-End Audit?

Let’s wrap up 2021 with this free one-hour webinar dedicated to preparing for your community association’s year-end audit. Our VP of Financial Services Division, Vishnu Sharma, provides an overview of the community association industry, financial reporting requirements, and more! Here’s what you can expect to learn from this webinar: Community association industry overview Financial reporting […]


Getting the Most Out of TOPS [ONE]

Many property managers are trying to find ways to increase their efficiency and save time. The best way they can do this is by implementing TOPS [ONE] into their business. Adopting the right property management software will simplify your daily operations from managing finances to engaging with homeowners and working with vendors. Let’s look at […]


5 Easy Steps to Move to TOPS [ONE]

Property management companies are busy! TOPS [ONE] alleviates time spent on most tasks. For example, a TOPS client saves 250 hours per month in community visits. Site visits that used to take two hours, now only take 45 minutes with the all-in-one property management solution. We get it…when it comes to change management, it can […]


How to Please Even the Most Finicky of Board Members with Technology

Technology’s influence on businesses today is undeniable, especially in the property management industry. Using a solution that is cloud-based ensures you’ll meet even the most finicky of board-members’ expectations. The rise of cloud-based technology was inevitable. In the past, companies have had to set up and manage their own server infrastructure to host and execute […]


How The Right Technology Helps Increase Your Team’s Overall Efficiency

The average annual percentage of labor productivity dropped between 2007 and 2019, coincidentally at the same time when the modern-day versions of smartphones rolled out. Did technology cause a massive drop in productivity? Technology can be a blessing or a curse to businesses. Still, it’s no secret that applying the right technology is an asset […]


Keys Property Management Automates Processes to Save up to 20 Hours per Month Using TOPS [ONE]

Scott Headrick of Keys Property Management has always had an eye towards the future for his business, and this included keeping abreast of the latest advances in technology for the property management industry. A decades long user of TOPS’ original software platform, TOPS Pro, Scott understood that to grow his business he had to adapt. […]


How to Get More Done in 8 Hours with TOPS [ONE]

If you are a property manager, we know it can be challenging to find time in your day to finish everything on your to-do list. All too often, we hear that there are just not enough hours in the day. But what if we told you there was a way to get more done, without […]


TOPS [ONE] Transforms Business Operations for 3K Door Property Management Company

Classic Management Realized a Reduction of Over 75% in Operational Costs After Switching to TOPS [ONE] With TOPS [ONE]’s enhanced technology, Classic Management is able to provide superior customer service to their 3,000-door community. Real-time outreach features improved Classic Management’s community communication and streamlined a “single-touch resolution” process. Our user-friendly online portal has revamped Classic […]