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How To Manage Remote Staff While Keeping Them Productive And Engaged With Your HOA [Free eBook]

While There Are Challenges Involved With Remote Work, There Are Many Benefits If an Organization Is Well-Prepared With Best Practices They Can Implement Enterprise-Wide As businesses shift to move their employees to a fully remote workforce, we want to share some best practices that we’ve learned over the years for strong business continuity, that will […]

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How to Streamline Resident Communication with a Owner Access Portal

Improve Resident Communication in Your Community As a property manager, your main responsibility is to make your resident’s lives as easy as possible. However, each resident is different, and different resident needs can arise. Your HOA board needs to be ready to take resident calls at any time, and this can greatly impact your workload. […]


Before Legal Action: How to collect past due assessments [Free Sample Collection Letters]

Note: This article has been updated since it’s original publication. Homeowner Collections is an unsavory topic. It’s no fun to be ‘THAT guy’ who is going after down-on-their-luck neighbors and demanding money. Of course, in a homeowners association, you always have the nuclear option for collections—the home lien—but that should really be a last resort. […]


3 Things Every CAM Manager Should Know About HOA Resales [Free Estoppel Letter Template]

Note: This article has been updated since it’s original publication. An important aspect of any professional CAM manager’s job is dealing with home resales that occur in the community. Unlike the realtors, brokers and other real estate professionals who are looking out for the interests of the seller or the buyer in a sale, the […]


Snow Property Case Study: Tech-Forward Solution, TOPS [ONE], Digitizes Manual Tasks Saving Time & Money

Learn How Snow Property Services Digitized What Were Once Manual Tasks, Resulting in Big Cost Savings, Happier Residents, and Better Informed Board Members FREE Download: Snow Property Case Study: Tech-Forward Solution, TOPS [ONE], Digitizes Manual Tasks Saving Time & Money In this PDF, Mike Hardy, CEO & President of TOPS Software and Rick Abbott, Vice-President […]


Prism Realty Case Study: Strategy + [ONE] Nets Amazing Results!

Explore How Prism Realty Management Leveraged Strategy, Pricing, and Technology to Pave the Way to Scalable Growth! FREE Download: Prism Realty Case Study: Strategy + [ONE] Nets Amazing Results! In this PDF, Mike Hardy, CEO & President of TOPS Software and Brett McAnally, Owner/Founder of Prism Realty Management shares that with TOPS [ONE], Prism Realty […]


How Property Management Software Simplifies Financial Reporting

Financial reporting for any aspect of community management relies heavily on the orchestration of all. Residents must make an effort to pay dues on time and communicate any issues they find on the premises. Administrative staff need to stay diligent to record the day-to-day activities from many sources like the mail, the drop box, email, […]


Condo Association Software Must-Haves

Residents within a condo association need to be well-informed, feel safe, and have a sense that they are living in a community that is being managed with their best interests at heart. Whether the association board is handling all aspects of community management operations or if they are professionally managed, the residents need to know […]


[ONE] on [ONE] with Mike Hardy 2021

Our Quarterly Webinar Series That Provides Viewers an Inside Look at TOPS FREE Download: [ONE] on [ONE] with Mike Hardy In this PDF, TOPS President and CEO, Mike Hardy gives you an inside look at TOPS with our quarterly webinar series. You’ll learn: How technology can close the gap on inefficiencies that are impeding growth […]


5 Reasons Why Automation Is a Game Changer for 2021

Changing the Way We Do Business in 2021 There are several big tech trends to look forward to in 2021, with automation being at the forefront. Automation is designed to make work easier by automatically generating information. For community managers, there are a lot of automation options when it comes to things like collections, accounting, […]


Property Management Industry Trends to Watch in 2021

The Property Management Field in 2021 Property management is an everchanging field and staying on top of new trends is essential for property managers. Property managers will still be feeling the effects of 2020 in the new year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare and take the lessons learned to prosper in 2021. Here […]


How to Audit During a Pandemic

Preparing Your Community for Audit When running an HOA or community association, it’s important to be aware of your state’s rules regarding community audits. Many states require HOA communities to perform an audit once a year, and even if your state doesn’t, you should budget for one anyway. Audits are important in determining your community’s […]


5 Things to Consider When Budgeting for 2021

Preparing for Budget Season With the start of the new year comes a lot of future planning for community managers. This means taking a hard look at your financials and determining how you will budget for the new year. Your annual budget effects all aspects of your community. How much will you spend on the […]


What Resolutions Communities Should Make in 2021

Be a Better Property Manager This Year As we leave 2020 in the past and focus on the new year, property managers should make some resolutions to help improve business and culture in their community. There’s always room for improvement and there are many ways for property managers to start the new year off on […]