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How To Manage Remote Staff While Keeping Them Productive And Engaged With Your HOA [Free eBook]

While There Are Challenges Involved With Remote Work, There Are Many Benefits If an Organization Is Well-Prepared With Best Practices They Can Implement Enterprise-Wide As businesses shift to move their employees to a fully remote workforce, we want to share some best practices that we’ve learned over the years for strong business continuity, that will […]

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How to Streamline Resident Communication with a Owner Access Portal

Improve Resident Communication in Your Community As a property manager, your main responsibility is to make your resident’s lives as easy as possible. However, each resident is different, and different resident needs can arise. Your HOA board needs to be ready to take resident calls at any time, and this can greatly impact your workload. […]


Before Legal Action: How to collect past due assessments [Free Sample Collection Letters]

Note: This article has been updated since it’s original publication. Homeowner Collections is an unsavory topic. It’s no fun to be ‘THAT guy’ who is going after down-on-their-luck neighbors and demanding money. Of course, in a homeowners association, you always have the nuclear option for collections—the home lien—but that should really be a last resort. […]


3 Things Every CAM Manager Should Know About HOA Resales [Free Estoppel Letter Template]

Note: This article has been updated since it’s original publication. An important aspect of any professional CAM manager’s job is dealing with home resales that occur in the community. Unlike the realtors, brokers and other real estate professionals who are looking out for the interests of the seller or the buyer in a sale, the […]


TOP Three Ways to Stay Connected with Your Residents

The Importance of Resident Communication An often-overlooked aspect of managing a community is the relationship between the board and its residents. Some communities may take an “us versus them” mentality when it comes to residents, but that does not lead to a healthy living environment. Reducing friction between residents and board members leads to a […]


Still Doing Manual Entry of HOA Account Receivables? Not Anymore!

Time to Get Automated At TOPS, we know there usually aren’t enough hours in the day for all your property management needs. That is why we strive to make our software as simple as possible and offer various forms of automation. With automated services, you can complete a number of tasks before they become an […]


4 Common Issues in Property Management Companies

Solving Property Management Problems With TOPS At TOPS, we know just how challenging it is to be a community manager. Your daily responsibilities are never the same and residents are always in need. You have a responsibility to your residents to make sure their homes and information are safe while maintaining profitability and a clean […]


What You Need in Your HOA’s Financial Reporting Package

Get the Best Financial Reporting with More Features Financial reporting can be a tricky area for many property management companies and HOAs. It’s important for companies to have accurate financial reporting for many reasons. If your reporting is off, then you leave your community open to financial or even legal issues. If reporting is accurate, […]


A Guide to Remote Management of Multiple Properties in Your Portfolio

Managing Properties Remotely As we’ve seen this year with COVID-19, businesses need to able to handle manage remote workers effectively. For community managers, remote work can be a major benefit if done correctly. By being able to manage your portfolio remotely, you open up your schedule and give yourself flexibility that didn’t exist before. This […]


5 Tips to Alleviate Your HOA’s Delinquency Burden

Managing Collections One of the toughest but most important tasks for a community manager is managing delinquency payments. Delinquency collections are a tricky area for managers since they involve late payments from residents and can cause a rift between residents and the office. Fortunately, TOPS makes it easier to manage your delinquency burden. Here are […]


Let a Community Website Help Manage Your Community and More

Use Your Website to Build a Community We’ve said before that your website is the front door of your community. Usually it is the first impression potential residents and vendors get of your community. However, it can also keep your community connected. A strong community website can simplify reporting, improve messaging, and more. TOPS community […]


3 Ways to Save Money with a Complete Paperless Mailroom

Going Paperless Can Reduce Your Costs and Improve Productivity As reliance on technology increases, it is important to take advantage of automation that it provides. Automation helps your business reduce costs and improve efficiencies. In a previous blog, we discussed the advantages of going paperless to help with billing and payments. However, did you know […]


How to Choose Property Management Software with the Best Integration

What Is Integration? We’ve said many times before that TOPS integrates with most systems, but what exactly does that mean? Integration is simply the act of integrating, but it has a deeper meaning in software development. Integration means combining multiple software subsystems into one unified system. In property management software, that can include accounting, bookkeeping, […]


3 Reasons You Need to Update Your Property Management Solution

Why You Should Update Your Software One of the biggest ways people sell themselves short is by avoiding software updates. Whether it’s your phone, computer, or other software systems, we try to avoid updates. This could be because we’re satisfied with the system as it is or don’t want to wait for the updates to […]