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How TOPS Helps You Manage Your Entire Community with [ONE] System

Does this sound like a typical to-do list for your mornings? Follow-up with a third-party vendor for the fourth time this week about a roof leak Send an email blast to residents about a broken pool heater Review financial statements Prepare a budget In the day of “there’s a tool for that,” Property Managers typically integrate […]

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SWOT Analysis for Property Management Companies

Ready to Take Your Property Management Company (PMC) to the Next Level? Whether you’re planning to make a shift or moving forward with business as usual, it’s helpful to conduct a SWOT analysis at least once a year. It will help to cut through the noise and show you where to focus your attention. The […]


How to Streamline Your HOA Financial Reporting

How to Streamline Your HOA Financial Reporting The first step in streamlining anything is to clean up and get organized. HOA boards still working on spreadsheets or multiple systems are prone to face issues with incorrect data in their HOA financial reporting. Multiple users and many versions of similar files could be putting your association […]


3 Ways TOPS Improves Community Communication & How It Can Help Your Community

Poor communication can damage your community’s overall morale. Is your staff overloaded with phone calls, inadvertently letting things fall through the cracks, and not getting back to residents about their requests? TOPS can help improve community communication and get your team working at their highest productivity levels. Continue reading to learn three ways our property […]

Property Management Automation Levels Up Your Workflow

These 5 Powerful Property Management Automations Will Level Up Your Workflow

Do you ever feel that property management work never seems to end? Or do you wonder how property management automation might help with the continual stress? Truly, HOA management includes a constant stream of accounting tasks, requests and queries, violation tracking, documentation, and financial reports. And that’s only to name a few. Multiply that by […]

Community Association Expenses

Predicting and Accounting for Community Association Expenses

Taking charge of a community association budget requires a great deal of planning and preparation and detailed, accurate record keeping. While some community associations employ a property management accountant to handle their financial affairs, others share the responsibilities between their board members and volunteers. In either case, predicting and accounting for annual expenses is a […]

HOA Liabilities

Absolutely Must-Follow Best Practices for HOA Liabilities and Protections

Since your HOA is a legally recognized entity, it makes sense that it can come up against legal disputes and lawsuits like any other organization. And because you and your fellow board members are also responsible for your community’s physical, human, and financial affairs, there’s often extra awareness around HOA liabilities and protections. Of course, […]


How to Stop Using Quickbooks and Manage Your HOA More Efficiently

Are you considering alternatives to Quickbooks? If you are a board member managing an HOA, there are certainly more tools at your disposal that you should contemplate. Sure, Quickbooks is great for bookkeeping and invoicing, but it is not the most efficient software for comprehensive HOA management. We don’t have to tell you that community […]


How To Manage Your HOA Elections Process

As part of a homeowners association (HOA), you know how important it is to have reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated board members overseeing your community association. HOA board members are elected from within the community, by the community, and the processes surrounding these elections differ from association to association. However, some general guidelines will help you […]


How to Increase Owners’ Self Service with Property Management Software

As a property manager, you know all too well that it comes with a lot to juggle — managing payments, tracking late fees and service requests, sending out notices, and organizing documentation. There’s no doubt that you know what you are doing. But are you doing it efficiently? You might be managing one property or […]


How Much Does Property Management Software Cost?

Property management comes with a lot to juggle. So, it simply makes sense to organize the workload with software dedicated to the task and which reduces the heavy lifting. Reporting, accounting, communications — these are just a few things that have to be managed on a day-to-day basis. But that’s where a software solution can […]


Basic Requirements of HOA Accounting and Reporting

As a Homeowners Association Board Member, you have many responsibilities and duties regarding your residential community, and one of the most important among them is accountancy. Though your HOA is not profit-driven, the association still handles revenue and incurs expenses like any other business organization. It is, therefore, essential that you feel informed about the […]


What Is Community Association Management Software?

Community association management software is what condominiums, and residential community managers use to automate their daily operations. There are many different tasks involved in managing a residential community, from handling vendors to resident needs to payments and everything in between. Trying to oversee all of this manually requires a lot of human resources and time […]


How to Calculate What Monthly HOA Dues Should Be

HOA fees cover a variety of needs for the community and home each year. There are many aspects to consider when setting your HOA dues. When setting your monthly HOA dues each year, it may be challenging to think of everything you need to consider. There is so much that goes into taking care of […]