How Community Association Accounting Differs From Business Accounting

We’ve spoken in the past about the differences between industry specific software such as TOPS vs generic ‘off-the-shelf’ software products. Today, I wanted to highlight one of the differences specific to community […]

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The Property Manager’s Dress Code

In our post on the top industry insiders you should be reading, we listed Julie Adamen as one of our top resources. As an industry recruiter (the only one I know of), she is in a unique position to speak to the ‘state of the industry’ as it specifically […]

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How to Calculate Total Cost of Ownership for Your HOA Software

The 18th century French army prided themselves on their efficiency and effectiveness. Napoleon is usually credited, but I’d like to take a moment to recognize the engineers who were, at least in part, the true source of this reputation. […]

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7 Top Community Management Industry Insiders You Need to Be Reading

Obviously, we hope that you will consider the TOPS CAM Blog to be an item on your “Must read” list, but there are many other ‘movers and shakers’ in the industry that you can (and should!) learn from. […]

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New Property Management Company Setup Checklist [3 OF 3]

You created your Action Plan to start a property management company, now you are ready to follow through and implement that plan. […]

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How to Create an Action Plan for Your Community Management Company [2 OF 3]

In this second installment of the article series on how to start a new management company, industry expert Jeff Hardy, founder of TOPS Software, guides you through the process of creating an action plan for your new property management company. The articles in this series discuss what you need to know to get started, highlight […]

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Accounts Receivable Automation: Think Outside the Lockbox

When we decided to post an article about Lockbox, the first person we talked to was Craig Lee Huntington because, well, there’s practically nothing about lockboxes that he doesn’t know. […]

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6 Reports That Need to Be Included in Your Condo and HOA Monthly Financial Packages

To have a true understanding of your communities’ finances, you need more than just a collection of monthly totals; you need to understand what your numbers mean and how to use them to answer specific financial questions. […]

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