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Self-Managed Marseilles Condominium Associates Reduces Administrative Tasks by 90% with TOPS [ONE]

As a boutique, self-managed association, Marseilles Condominium struggled to obtain a single view of association operations and accounting. Administrative functions were a major pain point before upgrading to TOPS [ONE]. After a painless transition to TOPS [ONE] in April of 2021, Marseilles Condominium has reduced over 90% of time spend on administrative functions. TOPS [ONE] enabled time-saving efficiencies such as:

  • Anytime, anywhere access to critical association data
  • Instant compatibility with other software systems
  • User-friendly accounting functionality


Westcoast Management Doubles in Size with TOPS [ONE]

With an eye for efficiency and a heart for service, Westcoast Management has grown 53% since implementing TOPS [ONE]. TOPS [ONE] helped automate manual tasks to deliver services to homeowners and boards faster, more accurately, and transparently while lowering costs. TOPS [ONE] enabled efficiencies that fueled their growth to 100 communities and 5,000 doors by:

  • Improved Communication Reduced Costs
  • Reporting Ensured Accuracy
  • Work Anytime, Anywhere


Front Street Management Saves 30 Hours/Month with TOPS [ONE]‘s Automated Reporting

The TOPS [ONE] platform has been instrumental in supporting Front Street Management’s goal of accuracy and efficiency. The software’s reporting function alone saves Front Street Management 30 work hours per month. In addition, automated processes have been game changers when it comes to recurring AR processes and recurring AP invoices. These efficiencies have allowed Front Street Management to remain lean during times of growth.

  • Customization of Reports
  • Partner Integration
  • Owner Access
  • Work Orders


The Falls of Autry Mill Cuts Bookkeeping Burden by 30%, Streamlines Administrative Work with TOPS [ONE]

The Falls of Autry Mill, located in Johns Creek, Georgia, is made up of 474 spacious homes built in the 1990s and early 2000s. TOPS [ONE] came to their rescue and helped them by:

  • 30% Increase in Efficiencies of Managing Resident Payments and Property Sales
  • Streamlined Board Communications and Reporting by 10%
  • Managed Bookeeping Tasks 30% Faster
  • 20% Reduction in Manual Paperwork


Fair Oaks Ranch Cuts Phone Calls by 50%, Saves Hours on Manual Tasks with TOPS [ONE]

Learn how self-managed community, Fair Oaks Ranch skipped expensive managment company costs with TOPS [ONE]. TOPS [ONE] cloud-based solution allowed Fair Oaks Ranch to:

  • Automated Reports Reduced Hours of Manual Tasks
  • 75% Time Saved on Monthly Bank Reconciliations
  • 50% Decrease in Phone Calls to the Ofice
  • 25% More Residents Pay Dues Online


StoneKastle Uses TOPS [ONE] Community Management Software to Fulfill Its Unique Company Vision

With a commitment to being green and to offering innovative all-inclusive contracts, StoneKastle relies on first-rate technology to increase efficiency, accuracy, and communication.

  • Resident Portals Increases HOA Satisfaction with Real-Time Access to Information
  • Customized Reporting Makes Tasks More Efficient and Accurate
  • Increased Accuracy as a Result of TOPS [ONE] Automations


TOPS [ONE] Transforms Business Operations for 3,000 Door Property Management Company

With TOPS [ONE], they now automate a variety of what once were manual tasks. In this case study, you will learn how Classic Management realized:

  • Less Labor Spent on Manual Bookkeeping Tasks
  • Reduced Operation Expenses by 75%
  • Streamlined Business Processes


Winter Haven Resort Reduces Association Administrative Tasks by 75% with TOPS [ONE]

Using TOPS [ONE], Winter Haven consolidated multiple digital and physical tools used to manage the community and realized an immediate 75% reduction in administrative tasks in the management office.

  • Improved communications across resident and board members
  • Flexibility to perform key functions online 24/7
  • Increased transparency and quality of services
  • Online payments for residents


Fidelity Implements TOPS [ONE]‘s New Feature VendorAlly to Automate Accounts Payable Lifecycle

As one of the first TOPS [ONE] clients to implement the new VendorAlly, Fidelity Management Services reaped great rewards in terms of cost and time savings. VendorAlly, included with TOPS [ONE] at no extra charge automated their Accounts Payable Lifecyle and saved time and money.

  • Automated Accounts Payable Lifecyle
  • 58% of Vendors Now Use VendorAlly
  • Saves 75% of Labor Time


Snow Property Services Saves $200,000 in Administrative Costs Annually with TOPS [ONE]

After 16 years in business, family-owned Snow Property Services (SPS) reached a crossroad- remain small or continuing growing. With the implementation of TOPS [ONE] software, SPS grow 115% in a little more than three years.

  • Cloud-based solution allows for improved communication
  • Collections and Inspections process significantly faster
  • Fostered scalable growth


Well-Crafted Strategy Leads to 3,746% Growth in Four Years

TOPS [ONE] paves the way for scalable growth by automating manual tasks and reducing the reliance on paper. By implementing TOPS [ONE], Prism immediately saved time and money, allowing them to scale the business from 100+ doors to over 5k.

  • Cloud-based solution allows for flexibility and change
  • SmartBanking streamlines accounting manual tasks
  • Fostered scalable growth


CMGT Saves 250 Hours / Month, Other Efficiencies Using TOPS [ONE]

With TOPS being web-based, and the integration and expansion capabilities TOPS [ONE] offers, the software has become an important part of CMGT’s growth and expansion.

  • Streamlined communications now takes hours vs. days
  • Reduced hours spent in Community Visits by 62.5%
  • Fostered scalable growth


Keys Property Management Automates Processes to Save up to 20 Hours per Month Using TOPS [ONE]

Scott Headrick of Keys Property Management has always had an eye towards the future for his business, and this included keeping abreast of the latest advances in technology for the property management industry. A decades long user of TOPS’ original software platform, TOPS Pro, Scott understood that to grow his business he had to adapt. And this meant becoming an early adopter of TOPS cloud-based solution, TOPS [ONE].

The benefits and flexibility of TOPS [ONE] have helped Keys Property Management save time and money in ways they couldn’t have imagined:

  • Time to Complete Collections Decreased by 50%
  • Costs of Legal Notifications Decreased by 66%
  • Time Saved in Preparing Violations by 50%


Utah Startups Sees 120% Growth in 18 Months with TOPS [ONE]

With everything contained in the same database, and the flexibility TOPS [ONE] offers through customization, the software has become an integral part of HOA Strategies’ success.

  • Cut violation processing time by 83%
  • Reduced phone call volume by 15%
  • Fostered scalable growth


Coventry Group Finds Balance, Growth and Vision with TOPS [ONE]

Using TOPS [ONE] helps Beth and Mark Schloemer manage their business effectively. It also gives them the bandwidth and flexibility to make their business a reflection of their vision and an integral part of the community.

  • Cloud-based platform gives the freedom to work from anywhere
  • Enhanced customer service with owner self-service portal
  • Reduced hours spent on reporting by 80%


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