Property Management Automation Levels Up Your Workflow

These 5 Powerful Property Management Automations Will Level Up Your Workflow

Do you ever feel that property management work never seems to end? Or do you wonder how property management automation might help with the continual stress? Truly, HOA management includes a constant stream of accounting tasks, requests and queries, violation tracking, documentation, and financial reports. And that’s only to name a few. Multiply that by […]

Community Association Expenses

Predicting and Accounting for Community Association Expenses

Taking charge of a community association budget requires a great deal of planning and preparation and detailed, accurate record keeping. While some community associations employ a property management accountant to handle their financial affairs, others share the responsibilities between their board members and volunteers. In either case, predicting and accounting for annual expenses is a […]


How to Stop Using Quickbooks and Manage Your HOA More Efficiently

Are you considering alternatives to Quickbooks? If you are a board member managing an HOA, there are certainly more tools at your disposal that you should contemplate. Sure, Quickbooks is great for bookkeeping and invoicing, but it is not the most efficient software for comprehensive HOA management. We don’t have to tell you that community […]


Basic Requirements of HOA Accounting and Reporting

As a Homeowners Association Board Member, you have many responsibilities and duties regarding your residential community, and one of the most important among them is accountancy. Though your HOA is not profit-driven, the association still handles revenue and incurs expenses like any other business organization. It is, therefore, essential that you feel informed about the […]


Simplify Receivables with Property Management Payment Software

Property management software simplifies all aspects of property management, especially the payment process. There are many reasons to consider property management automation software for your community. It streamlines many of your procedures, from communication to self-service for owners to handling payments and financials for your board, owners, and vendors. Property management payment software has many […]


Online Options When Paying HOA Dues

HOAs are moving into the modern era. What are the best methods for accepting HOA dues online? The days of mailing a check to your HOA, or driving down to an office to pay in person, are long behind us. While some people still prefer to pay that way, most people enjoy the convenience of […]

property management accounting software

Accelerate 1099 Filings with Property Management Accounting Software

TOPS property management accounting software can make accounting efficient with our certified experts helping you every step along the way.   With tax season upon us, it is undoubtedly a stressful time for businesses and organizations, HOAs included. Gathering all of your financial information from the previous year can be a tedious and challenging process, […]


Reduce Your Accounts Payable Workload by Half in 2022

Accounts payable (AP) is the bane of every property manager’s existence. Every month, you have to process an assortment of mailed and emailed invoices from contractors and vendors, enter them into your software system, reconcile if necessary (which it always seems to be), pay them on time (or not)… and that’s just for one community! […]


How to Leverage HOA Technology to Reduce Operating Costs

A considerable part of a Property Manager’s job revolves around controlling expenses. Property maintenance, community visits, and homeowner communications all necessitate additional workforce and relevant costs. Each purchase and labor expense must be analyzed to ensure that the expenditures are not greater than the profit. Fortunately, we live in a time where technology is at […]


Calculating ROI for Property Management Software

Asking yourself if property management software is worth the cost? We have a hunch that once you realize how much you’ll reap in savings, you’ll be ready to make the investment. An ROI calculation can help you get an idea of how much you’ll save. ROI stands for return on investment, and it reveals whether […]