Communicating with Your Residents Effectively with New HOA Technology

New HOA Technology Improves Resident Communication

One of the biggest challenges facing HOAs is the lack of communication between the board, its residents, and owners.

A lack of communication within the community can cause a lot of headaches for you and your board. It could lead to missed payments on the resident’s end, which leads to more time spent on collections. Utilizing the latest digital communication tools within a HOA software can prevent this from happening. But an effective communication strategy won’t only impact collections. It can also help the board spread messages in a timely manner and help improve the safety of your community. Here are some ways you can communicate with residents effectively with new HOA technology.

Benefits of a Solid Communication Strategy for HOAs

We’ve seen many recent instances where communications needed to be accurate and timely.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic is one example where property managers had to deal with rapidly changing information. Depending on where your community is located, you may need to be prepared for hurricanes, wildfires, snowstorms, or other natural disasters. In any of these events, information can change every hour and your residents will need the most up-to-date information to remain safe. As a property manager, you will also be forced to adapt to these changes and getting messages to residents in a timely manner will help things run smoothly and keep your residents safe.

How You Can Use HOA Software to Communicate with Owners & Residents

HOA Software
With TOPS [ONE] HOA software there are several channels to communicate with your residents before disaster strikes.

With TOPS you can easily send mass emails to your entire community, informing them of any changes to policy or day-to-day activities due to an unforeseen circumstance. If you have low email viewership you can also send a text message to your residents, which has a much higher view rate.

There are other ways of improving resident communication with TOPS that don’t involve disaster prep. With TOPS you can set up notifications reminding residents when payments are due, and they can pay directly through the TOPS portal. This helps save you time on resident calls and collections. TOPS also offers a community portal that allows reservations for your community amenities. Residents can simply log on and reserve the day and time they want for a party or other event without having to involve your board. You and your board can save much more time with automated processes via your new HOA software.

See How HOA Software Can Help Your Community

Communicating with residents can be a challenge but with the right software in place you can save time and experience a multitude of benefits.

It’s the responsibility of the property manager to make sure your residents have the most up-to-date information and can adapt during disaster. Having HOA software, like TOPS [ONE], works for you and helps to streamline communication so that your community continues to run smoothly. Let TOPS work with you and your board to improve resident communication.

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