With TOPS [ONE] , you can reduce unnecessary phone calls with our owner self-service portal.

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Owner access was a real game-changer. Instead of having to wait until morning for us to play telephone tag with [clients], they can go in their portal anytime they want.
Beth Schloemer
Coventry Group Community Management

Hassle-free communications for you and your homeowners.

TOPS [ONE]’s comprehensive suite of communication features allows owners to get real-time access the most commonly requested account information, eliminating the tiring games of telephone tag.

Meanwhile, keep everyone in the loop with emails, printed letters, reports and other key messages. Send them to selected individuals or the entire community – anytime, anywhere!


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Self-Service Portal for Owners

TOPS [ONE]’s easy-to-use Owner Access Portal lets homeowners go online to view their current account balances, review past payment history, view community communications, and check the status of open tickets for maintenance or violations any time, from anywhere, eliminating tedious phone calls asking for basic account information.

Advanced Community Portal

Advanced Community Portal for Enhanced Communications

TOPS [ONE] gives your board members easy access to special, restricted information. Board members can review information such as Delinquency, Maintenance, and Compliance for the whole association. Ensure your board members have access to the data they need to manage your HOA.

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Easily Send Emails To Residents

With TOPS [ONE], you can send mass emails from anywhere, whenever you want! Quickly and easily compose and send emails to all of your homeowners enrolled in Owner Access. No more shuffling between applications for find or create lists, TOPS [ONE] keeps all of that information in one convenient feature.

Award-winning support
at your fingertips.

In addition to the amazing features of [ONE], TOPS offers our clients the industry’s smartest and most helpful customer service:

  • Industry-exclusive Customer Success Team staffed with PCAMs.
  • A Quality Assurance Team made up of CAM professionals.
  • A dedicated, expert in-house Support Team.
  • A standalone Implementation Team.

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Voice And Text Messaging

Voice And Text Messaging

With TOPS [ONE] your HOA managers have the ability to instantly send residents updates via text, voice broadcast (robo-calls), and email. Your residents shouldn’t miss out on important updates because they didn’t check their email. Keeping your residents informed through multiple touchpoints is key to your communication process.

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Foolproof Your Task Lists

Assign tasks to yourself or your staff relating to any homeowner, vendor, transaction, or ticket. Just create your task list on the home page, and you’ll always see deadlines, priority statuses, and notes for all tasks. You never miss a beat, because TOPS [ONE] keeps it all in front of you!

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Easy Partner Integrations

We understand the importance of your relationships with your vendors. Whether it’s your bank, your payments processor, your website provider or another partner, you need a smooth flow of communication. Your partners should be your choice. You shouldn’t have to change partners because of your accounting software. With TOPS [ONE], work with the vendors you already have.

Other companies sell property management software.
We invented it.

Since 1985, more CAM professionals have used TOPS Software than all other industry software companies combined. If you are looking for a technology partner that’s dedicated to your success, then TOPS is the clear choice.

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