Community Management Software for Your Self-Managed Community

Get the Best Software for a Self-Managed Association

Being part of a self-managed community association offers a different set of challenges that normal property management companies don’t have to deal with.

As a self-managed association, you are putting the responsibility of running a community on your own shoulders. This means you are probably working with a smaller staff and need to complete the same tasks as traditional properties. Luckily, TOPS is here to ease the burden. TOPS [ONE] is our all-in-one solution designed to make your job easier, save time, and reduce stress. It was built with self-managed communities in mind so we could help you carry the load. Here are a few ways self-managed properties benefit with TOPS [ONE].

One Community, One Solution

TOPS is designed to meet the needs of any community through our all-in-one system.

When we say all-in-one, we mean all your community needs are under one system, so you don’t spend time jumping from program to program. You can run it all under one account and get your work done faster and in a more organized fashion. Accounting, communications, maintenance, rules enforcement, reporting, and resident engagement are all included in [ONE]. If you already have other systems in place, you can easily integrate them with TOPS or transfer your data with ease. Getting started with TOPS is easy and our support staff can answer any question you have with implementation.

Stay Organized with Digital Record-Keeping

When you’re managing a community one of the biggest challenges is staying organized.

This can be especially challenging for self-managed properties. Luckily, TOPS makes it easy to stay organized. Not only is our system all-in-one, but you get access to our cloud-based software as well. This means that all your information is backed-up and easily accessible. It also means you can easily access all your information across any device. TOPS [ONE] is also set-up for automation. This means you can automate your reporting to update on its own. When you receive a payment electronically, your accounting report can automatically update so you always know what your revenue is at any time. This saves you time and let’s you get back to managing your community.

Keep Your Community Connected

TOPS cloud-based solution helps keep your community connected.

In a self-managed community, everyone from the property manager to board members to vendors have a critical role to play. TOPS keeps them all connected. With different portals for owners, board members, and vendors, you can streamline responsibilities and manage your community in a much easier way. You can also use TOPS to send messages to residents and keep them in the loop with vital information. Whether it’s a new construction project affecting day to day life or updates during an emergency, keeping your community connected also means keeping it safe.

Self-Managed Doesn’t Mean You’re on Your Own

property management software
TOPS is here to help make your job easier.

Our support staff can answer any questions you have and help you master the system. TOPS gives you and your community a huge advantage in staying organized and connected. See how TOPS [ONE] can help you and get started.

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