Condo Amenities and Luxury Condo Living Trends for 2020

Condo Amenities and Luxury Condo Living Trends for 2020

Pools and Gyms Are Standard Conveniences When It Comes to Condo Living

Condo Amenities and Luxury Condo Living Trends for 2020
To differentiate your condo lifestyle from those of competing communities, you need to think about the interests and preferences of residents.

Nest Hello Doorbells and Learning Thermostats are common in single-family homes throughout the U.S., and the 40 percent of American homeowners who live in condominiums want in on the smart home upgrades, too. Modernizing your condo amenities creates a draw for new buyers and bragging rights for your community.

However, condo dwellers aren’t only looking for cutting-edge technology in their luxury living choices. They also seek communities that speak directly to their desires for mindfulness and reconnection to nature and one another.

Potential Condo Amenities & Luxury Condo Living Trends for 2020

Potential Condo Amenities & Luxury Condo Living Trends for 2020
Here are 15 emerging trends we expect to see gain traction over the next year.

1. Pre-wired Smart Home Features – With the focus on technology in the 21st century, integration of smart home features in condo units is a smart move. Potential residents are interested in everything from smart locks to energy-conserving lighting and thermostats.

2. Sustainability Features – Sustainable heating, cooling, and lighting in common areas will delight condo residents and help the association to save energy and money.

3. Peloton Equipped GymsLuxury condos that want to meet the needs of their fit-conscious condo owners will want to start adding Peloton equipment into their gyms. The WiFi-enabled bikes and treadmills offer training any time of day without the need for an instructor.

4. Human-Led Classes – Incorporating the natural desire for human interaction, condos that offer spin, yoga, weight training, or other classes in a group or individual capacity will attract wellness-minded individuals looking to socialize.

5. Infrared Saunas and Ice Rooms – Health-conscious condo dwellers will bliss out on spa-style offerings like infrared saunas and ice rooms that aid in overall wellness.

6. Co-working Spaces – A growing population in the U.S. is working remotely. Condos can offer common areas equipped with charging stations, reliable WiFi, an espresso bar, and standing desks for those that work from home but still want the opportunity to interact with others.

7. Golf Simulators – After a long day in the office (or the in-condo co-working space), there’s nothing like whacking a few balls at the driving range. Bring the golf course inside with simulators so that condo residents can hit the greens rain or shine.

8. Putting Greens – Disconnecting from technology and escaping the screens is often necessary to unwind. Adding a putting green allows families to have some fun and the avid golfer to work on their putting.

9. Air-conditioned Storage – Some residents will outgrow the available space in a condominium. Offering cooled storage spaces is a luxury that those owners will appreciate. Residents will be satisfied when they can stow their set of expensive golf clubs or their vintage wine collection in an air-conditioned, secure area within the building.

10. Outdoor Kitchens – High-end outdoor kitchens outfitted with pizza ovens, refrigeration systems, sound systems, grilling equipment, and fire pits create a backyard area most condo owners don’t usually get to experience.

11. Live Walls and Open Air Gardens – Supporting the attention to personal well-being, common green spaces with seating and walking paths are a treat for those living in major cities.

12. Virtual Concierge – Though not new to the market, the trend for virtual concierge services will continue to grow in popularity in the condo space. It’s much more cost-effective than employing an in-house, around-the-clock staff member, too.

13. Wash-and-Dry Area for Pets – Pet owners and other residents will appreciate this trend. Muddy paw prints tracked through the lobby and into the elevator will be a thing of the past with the addition of a wash-and-dry area for pets.

14. Covered Rooftop Dog Park – Regardless of the time of day or the weather conditions, dogs require their daily walks. A covered rooftop dog park is an unexpected comfort most dog owners would be willing to pay for.

15. Private Movie Theatre – A cinema is one of the amenities that will continue to be desired and used often. Build it outside, incorporating all the comforts from an in-home theatre in a natural environment.

Your condo association software, TOPS [ONE], will be of great assistance when creating a budget for your newly planned condo amenities. What types of upgrades or additions is your association planning for in 2020?

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