It’s Time to Go Paperless

With the increased use and reliance on technology, now is the perfect time for your community to consider paperless options whenever possible.

In today’s climate, people are used to paying bills online at their convenience, whether it’s their phone, car, electric, or other utilities. Online payments are faster and easier to track. Not just for the person submitting the payments, but for the company as well.

This practice should also be applied to community management. Online payments on dues and other fees become much easier when offered online through paperless billing. It allows the resident to submit payment quickly and reduces the chance of late payment. It also allows for much easier record keeping, which saves time and stress, if there is ever a payment issue. Here are some ways paperless billing can benefit your community and how to begin setting it up.

Benefits to Your Residents and Association

Online paperless billing offers major benefits for both your community association and your residents.

As we stated before, it’s easier, saves time, and makes residents record keeping easier. Residents can easily access their account and look up past payments to keep them on budget and solve any financial questions that may come up about previous payments. With TOPS, they can also automate their payment, so they never miss a payment and always pay their dues on time.

So, with all the help the residents get, how is this beneficial for the association? Well, when residents have an easier time making payments, your association has an easier time maintaining a positive cash flow. With your association obtaining payments faster, you are also able to cut down on collections and delinquencies. This gives your staff time back into their day to focus on other aspects of your managing the community and makes you more money in the process.

Benefits to the Environment

Going paperless not only benefits your community, but the environment as well.

Instead of printing piles of paper for bills or reports, everything is kept within the TOPS app and can be accessed via your electronic device. Your community also saves money because you reduce the expense of pay to print. With everything online, you don’t waste money filling your printer. Removing paper billing and reporting from the equation cuts down on waste and keeps both your community and the environment healthy. See if going green and saving green will benefit your association.

Using TOPS Pay

The best way your community can go paperless is through TOPS [ONE] and TOPS Pay.

TOPS Pay is the embedded payment service built into TOPS [ONE]. Engineered from the ground up to be safe and secure, TOPS [ONE] + TOPS Pay will make it easier than ever for your residents to opt-in for direct debit in the Owner Access Portal. This makes direct payments a breeze for your residents and keeps cash flow moving strong for your community.

Making the Change

TOPS [ONE] Platform
See how your community can use benefit by using TOPS Pay to improve your community.

It will make life easier for residents, which in turn makes your job as a community manager a breeze less of a hassle. Get started today on TOPS [ONE].


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