TOPS [ONE] HOA management software lightens the load by automating processes, bringing all of your information into one system, and incorporating accounting too.

Collecting fees, managing vendors, and tracking maintenance requests as part of the daily workload can be overwhelming for an HOA – even with multiple full-time employees.

Your HOA has a lot of moving parts to attend to for proper functioning. Imagine the time your team will save when they no longer need to search multiple storage systems for homeowner information or to complete lengthy manual processes.

Our HOA management software, TOPS [ONE], helps homeowner’s associations to become more efficient and effective. TOPS [ONE] is an all-in-one, cloud-based property management software designed for managing HOAs. It combines accounting features with community management to help you save time. Whether you’re using your office computer, a laptop at home, or a mobile device, you’ll have access to your data with TOPS [ONE].

In addition to the efficiency benefits, TOPS [ONE] is a cost-saving solution for your HOA.

Our property management software is cost-effective for communities because it eliminates the need for multiple software subscriptions and lowers employee costs by making the work more manageable.

Some of the TOPS [ONE] HOA Management Software Features Include:

Quit relying on antiquated paper files or software stored on local networks.

Accidents happen, and natural disasters are out of your control. With TOPS [ONE], your sensitive data is saved to the cloud and stored on servers located in a highly-secured data center with fire, flood, and theft protection. The built-in disaster recovery on TOPS servers keeps your HOAs data safe.

The size of your community won’t slow down the system when it comes to automation. Our program is scalable and runs on a distributed design structure for maximum performance. Whether you’re running a data-heavy report or an automated process to schedule late fees, TOPS can handle your demands.

Consumers today want real-time access to their account information.

TOPS [ONE] Owner Access Portal allows HOAs to give their homeowners this ability. With access to their data, you’ll lessen the number of emails and calls from residents looking to check their balance and other frequently requested account information. You’ll save time and provide a modernized experience that your residents will appreciate.

Watch a demo to see how cloud-based community portfolio management software can help better serve your homeowner’s association. Do more with [ONE]. The only HOA management software you need. Contact us today.

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