Use TOPS HOA Owner Portals to Make Resident Lives Easier

Owner Portals Make Things Easier for Your Staff and Residents

TOPS HOA owner portals allows for effortless resident and board engagement. Our Advanced Portals act as a connection between residents and their account. It is a self-service portal place where residents can submit online payments, track payments, request service maintenance, and more. Giving this option to your residents saves them a ton of time and reduces the workload on you.

TOPS HOA Owner Portals Comes with Advanced Features

Here are a few of the most popular features you’ll get access to with TOPS [ONE]:

  • Rapid activation means your owners and boards can be online in hours not days
  • Advanced Portals is a turnkey solution requiring little work from your staff
  • Allows boards to view Payables, Reports, and Documents on demand
  • Greatly reduce phone calls with our Owner Access self-service portal
  • Owners can use one login to access one or many homes they own
  • Allows owners to access their Advanced Portal on any device
  • Owners can use online payment tools, including TOPS Pay
  • Dashboard view makes digesting lots of information easy
  • Compatible with Smart Phones, Tablets, Macs, and PCs
  • Increased utilization with support for multiple devices
  • Real-time data keeps your boards up-to-date
  • Allows owners to submit a request for service

Access Portals on Any Device

TOPS HOA owner portals are available on all devices. This means you and your can access the portals on your phone, tablet, or laptop computer. This means your Advanced Portal can be accessed at any time of the day. You don’t have to be tied to the office to access your portal. You can do it at home after hours and weekends. It also means your residents can access their portals at the times most convenient for them.

Use HOA Owner Portals to Reduce Phone Calls

Not having a solid resident engagement platform can create more work for community managers. With TOPS advanced owner portals, residents can submit their payments and outstanding balance through the system. This saves managers time on collections and keeps your accounting up to date and accurate. Residents can also use their advanced owner portals to submit work order requests. Submitting them electronically makes them easier to track and manage, ensuring they are completed in a timely fashion. This reduces call time to your office and gives time back to be community managers.

TOPS [ONE] Will Be the Only HOA Software Your Community Needs

Accounting, Management, Communications, Engagement and Reporting in [ONE]. With TOPS [ONE], you never have to duplicate entries or juggle information from half a dozen different sources and so much more.

Watch a demo to see how it works. It’s the only software homeowners’ associations need. Contact us now to learn more about our property management software!

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