TOPS [ONE] is the most comprehensive all-in-one solution for your homeowner’s association.

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The key is having one central resource, where we can search on anything across the portfolio and get instant results.
Trever Midgley
HOA Strategies

[ONE] unifies your homeowners, board members and community on a single platform.

QuickBooks and Excel does accounting, just not the accounting you need to run your homeowner’s association. You need a solution that’s designed specifically to help you better manage your community. Well, property management software is all that TOPS Software does. In fact, we invented it.


Pain-free Collections

[ONE] gives you all the time-saving, indispensable features specifically designed for managing communities.

We call it [ONE] because it covers all your needs in a single software program. Access powerful accounting features, incredible management tools and state of the art communications from anywhere on any device. Couldn’t you use an all-one-solution to make your job easier?

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With [ONE], everything is online, in one place, so you never have to juggle information from different sources.

[ONE] allows unlimited users, which allows your entire team can work at the same time from different places. Since [ONE] is web-based, there’s nothing to install, and everything is backed up automatically. New features are updated regularly, and your data is secure.

[ONE] is powered by an award-winning, in-house Support Team dedicated to help you every step of the way.

From 9am to 8pm EST, our award-winning support team in Clearwater, Florida is on site to answer your questions. During other hours, you can search our extensive knowledge base right from the app to look up helpful articles to show what you need to know.

Delight your residents with a new community website that easily integrates with [ONE].

Your residents will love the ability to get information when they want to on the device of their choice. A website solution to impress and engage your community.

  • Build community with message boards, photo galleries, and more.
  • Easy-to-use content management system for your HOA.
  • Integrated calendar tools to display upcoming events.


[ONE] clients have never been happier with our stress-free accounting service.

Avoid costly mistakes with a team of HOA accounting experts on your side. We’ll take care of your bookkeeping, so you don’t have to.

  • Get a full-service accounting firm at your fingertips.
  • Over 20 years of accounting expertise.
  • Exclusive to the CAM industry.


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