Before, I was spending two or three hours to do 45 violations. Now I spend maybe 15 minutes.


TOPS [ONE] Smart Banking Saves 30 – 40 Hours Every Month.

Before moving to TOPS [ONE], recording homeowner payments was a time-intensive process. Even with a bank lockbox service to collect checks, a lot of manual entry still had to be done to get that data into their QuickBooks accounting system.

With TOPS [ONE]’s Smart Banking tools, HOA Strategies saw an immediate improvement in time savings. “Before, we were doing manual data entry on customer payments that could take an hour [to] two hours a day,” Trever said. “Now that’s done in three minutes.”

TOPS [ONE] Easy Enforce Cuts Violation Processing Time by 83%.

Tracking violations involves a lot of moving parts—and the more complicated the process, the more opportunity for errors. “Before, I was spending two or three hours to do 45 violations. Now I spend maybe 15 minutes,” he said.

Trever says TOPS [ONE] simplified that process. “A manager can be in the field taking photos, upload them directly into the homeowner’s account from their phone, and automatically generate a letter to the homeowner that includes the specific violation, the photo, and the CC&R reference. This system gives homeowners the information they need to make corrections, and speeds up the process for the managers.”

TOPS [ONE] Owner Access Portal with Document Management Cuts Calls by 15%.

The ability to give homeowners access to their account information and important community documents was crucial, not only to stay compliant with Utah state regulations, but also to provide homeowners with a highly-requested service. “In this age of self-service, owners want to be able to look up their information and get their questions answered on their own time,” said Trever.

Since implementing TOPS [ONE] with it’s online Owner Portal and Document Management features, HOA Strategies has been able to deliver on those expectations. “It’s probably cut down on 15% of phone calls.”

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