The rules, regulations and covenants or (CC&Rs) of an HOA help keep the community running and in order. It’s up to the HOA board and community association manager to help enforce these CC&Rs.

Over and under-tracking rules enforcement can be an issue for HOA boards. Manually tracking and processing violations and warnings can be time and effort consuming, and can be more prone to error. HOA software can help you simplify rules enforcement. Here’s how:

Tracking violations: If you’re like most association managers, managing and enforcing HOA violations can be cumbersome. HOA violation software helps you automate these tasks. The right solution lets you load pictures in order to track and manage all steps within the violation process with intuitive technology.

Warning and violation issuing: The first step in enforcing a suspected violation is to issue a warning. This can come in the form of a letter, email or phone message. HOA software can automate this step, as well as help you track violation recipients and the status of each warning or violation. The right software can also help you track the communications between the HOA and the resident regarding the violation or warning.

Tracking and processing fines: Once a violation has been established and a hearing has been held, the HOA usually issues a fine. HOA software can help you track who has unpaid fines, as well as the number of residents who have unpaid fines. Software can also automate accounting functions when it comes to processing those fines. In addition, the right software can automate the issuing of follow-up communication regarding those fines. It can send out payment reminders, payment confirmations, or next steps if the fine remains unpaid.

Analyzing trends: Having all your resident’s data in one location lets you see violation trends and analyze possible action plans. You might find that residents tend to violate a rule at a specific time of year. Perhaps they delay taking down their holiday decorations. Or you may see that most homeowners break a specific rule. This can help better evaluate the CC&Rs when it becomes time to iterate on them. You might find that a rule needs to be changed or removed completely.

Helping with additional tasks: You may find that residents would prefer to have the options for online payments or access to online documents. The right HOA violation software will have the features you need the most. When evaluating technology options, keep this in mind. You might also find it helpful to survey residents to learn more about what features they’d be interested in.

Giving residents dedicated portals: With HOA software, your residents can each have a dedicated portal. This gives them insight into their violations, the status of their violations, access to important HOA documents, an easy way to contact you, and more. Having your bylaws and other important information in one easily accessible place makes it simple for residents to consult, which could mean less violations.

Regardless of the specific technology you choose, HOA violation software can simplify rule enforcement by automating tasks around issuing and tracking violations. Offering residents an easy way to settle fines, communicate with your team, and easily access their resident portal, will lessen the possibility of future violations.

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