Technology has made it easier than ever to keep homeowners and board members well informed during times when on-site meetings are not an option. With numerous web conferencing solutions available, virtual HOA meetings may be your solution when your team is working remote.

Advantages to Virtual HOA Board Meetings

Using web conferencing solutions for regularly scheduled board meetings can help to achieve quorum, get agenda items passed quickly and to review documents collectively as a group.

Below is a list reasons why a board of directors would be interested in conducting virtual HOA meetings:

  • Increased meeting participation
  • Ability to record meetings
  • Convenience for seasonal residents’ participation
  • Access for all parties to review documents or videos
  • Maintain association business as usual during times when meeting in person is not an option
  • Reduced venue costs

Keeping the Virtual Meeting on Track

You may be thinking, “How do I run a virtual board meeting?”

It is easier than you think – as long as you adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order. Here are a few other recommendations:

  • The Board President is in charge of sticking to the agenda
  • Keep all conversations focused on agenda items
  • Everybody gets at least one chance to speak before sharing any second opinions
  • Be polite and civil

Things to Consider When Going Virtual

While virtual HOA board meetings have many benefits, it is important for boards and community managers to be guided by their association governing documents.

It is also advised to check with your association’s legal counsel to determine if there are recommended guidance on conducting virtual HOA board meetings based on state rules and regulations.

Tools to Use

There are many web conferencing solutions at your disposal, and many are free depending on your needs. Below is a list of popular solutions:

Nowadays, instituting a virtual HOA board meeting plan can be the key to keeping your association’s business running as usual.


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