How to Increase Owners’ Self Service with Property Management Software

How to Increase Owners’ Self Service with Property Management Software

As a property manager, you know all too well that it comes with a lot to juggle — managing payments, tracking late fees and service requests, sending out notices, and organizing documentation.

There’s no doubt that you know what you are doing. But are you doing it efficiently?

You might be managing one property or an entire portfolio. Either way, community success lies in staying on top of everything in an efficient and productive way. One method is to use trustworthy software that streamlines all the hard work.

This is where TOPS [ONE] comes in as an all-in-one solution — designed exclusively to manage all aspects of HOA property management, from accounting to reporting and everything in between.

There are a lot of benefits to property management software, but one of these is that it enables user-friendly self-service for both owners and board members.

What do we love about self-service? Self-service takes most of the workload off your hands and provides homeowners fast access — and control — over their dues, requests, documentation, and more.

It’s a win-win. And we explain why below.

What is Property Management Software?

If you are new to property management software, we’re here to explain what it is and why it can benefit you.

Property management software or HOA software, such as TOPS [ONE], gives you the power to effectively organize all aspects of property management. This includes accounting, communication, reporting, documentation, and more.

Do you find yourself juggling work processes across multiple expensive software subscriptions? Property management software can sync and integrate every process into one powerful tool.

It’s automated, secure, and benefits all parties — you and the homeowners.

TOPS Software was created for this specific purpose: to make property management manageable so more focus can be placed on community happiness, success, and providing the services and support that owners need.

Increase Owners’ Self-Service with These Property Management Software Features

The best property management software will offer a fully automated self-service system that owners can access 24/7, where they can retrieve vital information, make payments effortlessly, submit service requests, and more.

Owners can do this on their time, not yours. But self-service is not just to benefit you and your productivity.

In fact, self-service is beneficial on both sides because it provides owners with a system to help them stay organized, keep updated, and take complete control of their payments.

In other words: property management self-service saves time, money, and energy. On top of that, it provides owners with a sense of involvement and community.

And when it comes to complete, cloud-based self-service for homeowners, here are just a few of the property management software features that TOPS [ONE] brings to the table.

1. TOPS Pay

Through the TOPS [ONE] resident portal, owners can access TOPS Pay: a straightforward online payment service that gives them complete power over their payments.

TOPS Pay is safe and secure, providing a clear snapshot of existing balances, late fees, payment methods, and more.

What’s great about TOPS Pay self-service is that all data is synced in real-time and available 24/7 on any device. That means that contactless payments can even be made securely and effortlessly within the standalone TOPS [ONE] app.

2. Online File Storage

Providing documentation on demand is slow and time-consuming for property managers. It simply makes sense that owners should be able to access necessary documentation when they need it — without having to request and wait.

TOPS property management software eliminates this by keeping all important documentation in one place, using secure online file storage.

Documents such as CC&Rs, bylaws, and general rules and regulations are made accessible for homeowners with self-service, giving them the ability to view and download documentation on the fly.

A huge advantage here is that this generates community understanding, trust, and transparency. For example, homeowners can read and understand the reason for set fees, where funds are allocated, and lots more.

Web-based online file storage with TOPS [ONE] is unlimited and synced in real-time.

3. Improved Communication

One of the most challenging aspects of property management is following up on late fees, tracking violations, and keeping homeowners informed on important matters or decisions.

A more efficient solution simplifies communications to make it faster for property managers and homeowners to exchange information.

With TOPS Software, contact is instant via email and text — even voice messages — sent out as blasts, complete with tracking and message delivery.

In addition, communication is improved on both sides on the TOPS self-service online portal, where owners can view important notices, ask questions, and submit requests.

Simply put, this kind of connection builds trust and increases engagement. It also makes it easier for you to communicate on a small or large scale.

4. Integrated Community Website

Nothing creates a sense of inclusion like a personalized HOA website. And this is a feature that is integrated into the TOPS [ONE] owner access portal, where owners can access important information and engage with one another.

It’s another reliable self-service feature of TOPS that boosts communication and engagement — a platform to check out what’s on the calendar, confirm attendance for upcoming events and meetings, as well as manage and book amenities.

Community websites with TOPS [ONE] are also fully personalized and customizable to reflect both your organization and the HOA itself.

5. Simplified Elections Process

HOA elections can be complex, involving multiple steps, lots of details, and careful planning. For owners, the elections process can also be confusing and difficult to follow — especially for new members.

With property management software, elections are made more accessible and understandable for property owners.

With TOPS [ONE], homeowners can use the portal to access election details, meetings, important dates, and details about HOA presidential candidates.

In addition, voting can be conducted online, complete with reminders, in a way that encourages involvement for all.

How TOPS Improves Property Management Self-Service

Listed above are just a few examples of how TOPS Software improves and increases owner self-service to be both engaging and cohesive.

But self-service — and property management software overall — does not just benefit homeowners but also property managers and board members. It eliminates the hard work, allowing for greater efficiency and productivity in other areas that typically get neglected.

Are you looking for efficiency and reliability from nothing but the best property management software?

TOPS [ONE] is a complete solution — not only when it comes to self-service, but as a versatile, all-in-one property management tool designed by real HOA property managers and accountants to help you manage communities effectively.

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