How to Reduce Violations Within Your Community

Managing and Reducing Violations Is No Easy Task

One of the most difficult challenges facing community managers is trying to reduce and effectively manage all their violations.

Violations are a common issue across any HOA community. It is the job of the board to find the violations in the community, notify the resident, and track that the violations are taken care of. This can be a major challenge in a large community with many residents, enhancing the need to reduce violations overall. Fortunately, TOPS [ONE] now makes it easier to handle violations within your community.

How to Find Violations and Notify Residents

Previously, managing notifications was a timely process.

Board members would have to find the violations in the community, write it down on paper, log it in their records, and notify the resident. This made tracking notifications difficult since it was hard to organize by hand. Now with TOPS [ONE], everything can be done electronically. Board members can now spot the violation and log it on their phone while out in the community. Members even have the option to take a photo of the violation and send it directly to the resident as part of the notification. This allows the resident to fix the violation quickly and the board member saves time tracking and resolving the violation in their records. And all of this can be done right from your phone and outside of the office.

Manage Your Violations on Any Device

As discussed before, TOPS [ONE] saves you time on violations by allowing you to work on any device.

This doesn’t just mean out in the field when you come across violations. You can also manage all open violation tickets at any point in the day. Whether you’re at the office or at home, you can view which violations have been closed and if any new tickets have been open. You can easily sort by which tickets have been open the longest and require the most immediate attention. You can also close out tickets as soon as they’re done, keeping your violation queue clear. Save time and stay organized by managing violations on any device.

Automatically Enforce Violations

While TOPS [ONE] mobile violations tracking saves you time on violations, you can also automate your software to respond to violations faster.

For example, if a violation is open for longer than a week you can set up a reminder to reach out to the resident to get it resolved. With TOPS [ONE], residents can communicate directly with the association office if they have questions, need help with the violation, or confirm it has been completed. Having an open line of communication to your residents makes transferring information faster and helps build a better relationship between the board and residents.

How to Manage Violations with TOPS [ONE]

Community Management Software
TOPS [ONE] is a cloud-based software that allows you to handle HOA violations from your phone, tablet, or computer.

With TOPS [ONE] you can manage the violations for your entire community with mobile violations tracking. Take photos, create violation notices, and send them directly to owners while on the go. See how TOPS [ONE] violations tracking can help your community today.

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