How to Run Your Entire Homeowners Association Literally From Your Phone

Property Management Is a 24-Hour Job

Managing a community of residents is no easy task and a variety of challenges can arise outside of a normal 9-5 time frame.

This makes it important for property managers to have the ability to assist residents anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Fortunately, there are a wide range of apps and software built to help property managers combat this exact issue. HOA software, like TOPS [ONE], can simplify your work and help you manage your HOA from any location and all on your phone. Investing in this type of technology and becoming familiar with it is the first step to simplifying a difficult role in the HOA community.

The first step to managing a community on your phone is finding a software for your entire portfolio. With an all-in-one software option, property managers can manage all aspects of their property in one place. Accounting, finance, collections, payments, community events, and more are bundled in one software solution.

Using the Software’s App on Your Phone, You Can Access and Manage Your Community From Anywhere at Anytime

This allows property managers to respond to resident requests quicker and resolve issues.

Whether these issues are financial, work orders, or an unforeseen emergency. This allows property managers to manage their community not just outside the office, but also at all hours of the day.

During emergencies like a hurricane or other natural disaster it may be impossible to get to the office for days or even weeks. In this time having access to your HOA software on your phone can be a useful tool to assist your residents. You can send out messages, post pictures of damage, communicate necessary steps, and still handle payment and collections. This not only helps keep your HOA active when an emergency occurs, it also brings you closer to your residents, helps keep your HOA organized, and allows you to communicate quickly and clearly before, during, and after a disaster.

As someone in the HOA industry you should always have the most up to date HOA technology and software. This is a complex job that requires a lot of time, effort, attention to detail, legal attention, and more. Software designed just for HOAs, like TOPS [ONE] can make a huge difference in managing your community. Being able to directly access all aspects of your job from your phone saves a huge amount of time and helps you accomplish your tasks easier than before.

Find the Best Community Software for You

property management software
All communities are different and have different needs than others.

Strongly consider where you need help managing your community and select the software best for you. Most importantly, select a software that is compatible with your smartphone. It can make a huge difference in your day to day work.

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