How to Stop Using Quickbooks and Manage Your HOA More Efficiently

How to Stop Using Quickbooks and Manage Your HOA More Efficiently

Are you considering alternatives to Quickbooks?

If you are a board member managing an HOA, there are certainly more tools at your disposal that you should contemplate. Sure, Quickbooks is great for bookkeeping and invoicing, but it is not the most efficient software for comprehensive HOA management.

We don’t have to tell you that community management comes with more responsibilities than accounting. This can lead to multiple software applications — and subscriptions — that can reduce productivity while simultaneously increasing HOA expenses. This also means dividing your energy across numerous workflows and typically spending hours, days, or weeks learning all the software.

This simple guide will explain how you can manage your HOA more efficiently. If HOA management feels overwhelming now, you can rest assured that it doesn’t have to be.

Are There Alternatives to Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is one of the most popular software tools for SMB accounting. But, unfortunately, that’s also where it reaches its limits when it comes to property management — specifically, managing an HOA.

So, yes, there are Quickbooks alternatives out there, which you should consider if you currently find yourself juggling software applications and, as a result, exerting yourself and paying more than you need to.

Ultimately, as an HOA board member, you want to be more efficient and more confident in your role. And the solution is to streamline every workflow into one software system that powers more than just accounting.

Efficiently Manage Your HOA with TOPS HOA Software

TOPS HOA Software was designed by HOA managers and accountants, for HOA managers and accountants. It can automate management workflows in ways that save time, energy, and money.

The result is powerful, all-in-one property management software that streamlines every aspect of HOA management so that you can be more efficient and productive on a day-to-day basis.

Of course, by having a proven system that simplifies and handles the hard work, you can designate more energy and resources to the community itself. Here’s how it works.

1. Accounting That’s Designed for HOA Management

TOPS [ONE] has powerful accounting features that can fully replace any bookkeeping system. The robust engine will satisfy even the most demanding accountant, offering complete control over payments, cash flow statements, invoices, and more.

The software is ideal because it was developed exclusively for HOA management. This includes systemized fees and payments, precise budget planning, invoice templates, and a fully customizable interface.

It’s automated from start to finish and backed by award-winning customer service, staffed with real HOA accounting experts who can offer additional help if you ever need it.

2. TOPS Pay — Contactless Payments Made Easy

TOPS Pay is a native online payment service that ties in with the TOPS [ONE] accounting engine. It makes payments easy for homeowners to complete safely, securely, and conveniently from any given device.

Instead of mailing payments, making bank transfers, or being reminded, TOPS Pay offers effortless in-app payments for owners, giving them complete transparency and control over their existing balance and payment methods.

The user-friendly management dashboard for community managers offers monthly analytics and a visual display of cash inflow and outflow.

Ultimately, it’s a self-service, on-demand payment solution that eliminates manual hard work.

3. Powerful Reporting Engine

Customizable reports are another feature of TOPS [ONE]. The robust engine gives you and fellow board members access to powerful reporting tools to create detailed financial reports tailored for HOA management.

Reports can be emailed or viewed online, through the website portal, any time, anywhere, from any device. This makes the exchange of essential data and information quick, easy, and reliable.

In addition, reports can be kept in the cloud securely and with unlimited file storage. This means less paperwork and more understanding across board members.

4. Integrated Communications

A vital part of any payment process is communication. And within HOA communities, communication is key to building trust, mutual understanding, and reducing late payments.

TOPS HOA Software ensures this by optimizing communication at both ends.

For example, board members can make instant contact through email and text reminders that you can track and automated messaging to be sent at optimal times. Using the HOA website portal, owners can also submit requests, check necessary documentation, and engage with one another.

This not only unifies community members and board members but generates transparency and a sense of community.

5. Secure Third-Party Vendor Services

TOPS HOA Software was designed for HOA management and community use with third-party vendors in mind.

VendorAlly, included with TOPS [ONE], invites vendors to take control of their details, create invoices, and submit status reports. As a result, work processes are sped up, which efficiently saves time and energy along the way.

A bonus is that homeowners can also use the self-service website portal to track ongoing projects regarding service requests.

Integrating third-party vendors in such a way can improve partner relationships and foster loyalty in the long run.


Now that you know that there are more efficient alternatives to Quickbooks, why not upgrade so that your HOA board can start reaping the benefits of increased efficiency?

TOPS [ONE] is powerful, all-in-one HOA software that doesn’t just handle accounting but every aspect of HOA management seamlessly integrated into one tool. It’s exclusively designed to put your productivity — and the success of your HOA — front and center.

When workload is divided between different software applications or various online and offline mediums, it slows down and complicates the process. The solution is HOA management software that eliminates this and reduces expenses simultaneously.

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