Streamline Resident Communication in Your Community

streamline resident communication
As a property manager, your main responsibility is to make your resident’s lives as easy as possible. This means figuring out how to streamline resident communication.

Each resident is different, it’s important to be prepared for different resident needs to arise. Your HOA board needs to be ready to take resident calls at any time, and this can greatly impact your workload. Fortunately, there is a way to not only reduce the amount of calls from your residents but also assist them easier with their inquiries. The solution is the TOPS [ONE] Owner Access Portal. The portal can be a huge time saver for property managers and helps your community thrive.

How Can the Portal Benefit My Community’s Resident Communication?

TOPS [ONE] offers an Owner Access Portal that streamlines the resident communication process.

With all the work that goes into being a property manager, it’s easy to miss a call from a resident, and it can sometimes be challenging to get back in touch with them after missing that call. TOPS [ONE]’s Owner Access Portal allows owners to get real-time access to the most commonly requested account information, eliminating the tiring games of telephone tag. These can be questions in regards to billing, HOA guidelines, documents, resident service requests, and more. With Owner Access Portal, residents can access their information on their own time, without forcing your employees to take a break from their work to log a new request. Workflow stays consistent, and your board can attend to resident issues in a timely manner with no interruption.

The Owner Access Portal Makes It Easier to Track Financial Information

One of the most significant conveniences is the ability to easily manage community finances.

TOPS allows residents to review current account balances, check payment history, and view the status of open tickets for maintenance or violations. Anything from late fees to payment collections to waived charges are all easily tracked. Combined with the power of TOPS Pay, owners can also setup recurring payments and one-time payments. Owner Access Portal puts power in the hands of the user, so you and your staff save time to avoid hunting down collections and tracking late payments.

Spend Less Time on the Phone and More Time Managing Your Community

streamline resident communication
With TOPS Owner Access Portal, you’ll see your call time drop significantly.

The portal helps residents manage and organize their responsibilities in a faster and easier way than involving your HOA board or reaching out via phone. The system keeps records of all financial transactions and notes for special circumstances which creates more accurate bookkeeping. This means eliminating time-consuming phone calls with residents and granting you time back to concentrate on what’s necessary, being a property manager.

See What All the Hype is About

resident communication
Giving certain capabilities to your residents to handle themselves will help streamline work faster so your staff can focus on running your community.

Using the portal decreases call time, makes resident life easier, and helps your board be more productive. See how TOPS [ONE] Owner Access Portal can reduce your workload and benefit your community.

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