How TOPS Helps You Manage Your Entire Community with [ONE] System

Does this sound like a typical to-do list for your mornings?

In the day of “there’s a tool for that,” Property Managers typically integrate several programs to complete their daily tasks. Syncing information and following a workflow across a distributed software stack equates to multiple expensive software subscriptions and wasted time trying to remember what you were doing and what you need to do next in the process.

TOPS saves you time and money by combining all of the community management tools you need into [ONE] cloud-based system. Keep reading to learn how it streamlines your workflow, so you can focus on better serving board members and residents.

How Using [ONE] System Can Streamline Property Management

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Traditionally, vendor payments, collection records, and communications were managed within multiple programs or spreadsheets.

TOPS eliminates the need to set up complicated integrations between various software or to jump back and forth between files for information on a single property.

Instead, when a resident calls your office with a question, your team can easily pull up a homeowner’s complete file to view their payment status, violations, outstanding requests, previous correspondence, and other notes. It’s often easier to answer questions when you have a complete picture.

TOPS brings all the tools and data you need into one system, regardless of your portfolio size. Whether you’re a single community looking for a way to alleviate some of the pressure from your board members and staff, or a property management company with a list of clients, TOPS can handle it all.

Here are a few ways TOPS [ONE] helps you efficiently manage one or 1,000 communities:

1. Foster Engagement

The Advanced Portals make it easy for residents and board members to stay engaged on any device with an internet connection.

There are self-service options for owners, and board members can review data and reports at any time.

Part of the appeal to living in a community is the social interactions with fellow residents. TOPS [ONE] includes the option to create a forum where homeowners can communicate with each other. In a time when in-person opportunities are scarce, offering a way to engage from the comfort and safety of one’s home is sure to be well-received.

2. Simplify Communications

Staying in touch with your communities is essential now than ever before with the lack of face-to-face connections.

TOPS provides everything you need to keep in touch with homeowners, from trackable emails and on-demand texting to voice message broadcasting and good ole print mail.

TOPS Mailroom makes it simple to send forms, statements, notices, and more. With one click, data is applied to your templates and delivered to your recipients. Your staff is freed up from printing, folding, stuffing, and mailing, giving them more time for other tasks. TOPS Mailroom can reduce your shipping costs too.

3. Streamline Accounting

Maintaining and analyzing financials can be a complicated undertaking.

TOPS makes it easy and intuitive with automation for your community’s accounts payables, receivables, and collections.

Then when it’s time to run numbers, our robust, customizable reporting features streamline the process. You can even schedule reports to be sent to board members, so there’s one less thing on your to-do list.

Another accounting-related time-saver is TOPS Pay. It gives residents the option to submit their payments online, thereby reducing the number of checks your team has to process each month.

4. Easily Manage Vendors

Property management companies are known to spend almost half of their time managing vendors and their accounts payable.

VendorAlly makes managing outside companies easier.

Rather than having vendors email their insurance information and invoices to a staff member, they can log in to TOPS and handle it themselves. Your third-party vendors can update their information, upload bills, and communicate their projects’ status within the portal.

Essential for the new COVID-driven remote workplace environment, all of these tools are web-based and accessible anywhere, on any device. You’ll be able to relax knowing that everything is backed up, so there is no worry about losing data. You can also expect a hefty productivity boost since there will be fewer repetitive, manual tasks to carry out.

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