J&L Management Leverages TOPS [ONE] To Better
Serve Clients.

I was referred to TOPS. It made sense. It’s software just designed for HOAs and condominiums.
James Long
J&L Management

TOPS [ONE] Industry-Specific Design Gives A Competitive Edge.

James attributes his success with winning and retaining communities to TOPS being built specifically for Condo and HOA management. “Most of the competitors that I have taken communities from use QuickBooks. I don’t see how or why because Quickbooks doesn’t work well for HOA management.”

“That’s what I think separates TOPS. The other [software] companies that I looked at didn’t do anywhere near what TOPS was doing at that particular time. And with TOPS [ONE], I’m sure that they’re nowhere near that level now.”


TOPS [ONE] Automation Saves Money and Prevents Mistakes.

James credits the built-in automation functions of TOPS [ONE] as the source of time savings and decreased margin of error, that justifies the costs.

TOPS [ONE] allows you to be able to pre-charge the owner, get your invoices and statements out, and then run them. Then, you can setup your charges monthly automatically, and you don’t have to do anything.”

“I can set it up to where my vendors who get paid monthly the same amount, I can put that invoice in and it’s automatically there every single month on the first of the month and my staff would never have to enter it in.”


TOPS [ONE] Reporting Is Critical To The Board Members.

Report packages in TOPS [ONE] allow J&L to create financial reports that provide exactly the information his boards need to be successful. “I can click a button and trust that my reports are going to be right.”

“Everything in that report package is so that that a board member can go look at it and say, “Okay, here’s this item. What is this dollar amount? Here’s a detailed description of what it is. Okay, great. ‘That makes sense’, or ‘wait a minute, that doesn’t make any sense. Let me flag that so that I can get an explanation.’”



J&L Management Leverages TOPS [ONE] To Better Serve Clients

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  • Industry-Specific Design Gives A Competitive Edge.
  • Provides Critical Reporting To The Board Members.
  • Automation Saves Money and Prevents Mistakes.

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