We have a motto here – Be TOPS!” Those letters stand for Team Oriented, Open, Positive and Sympathetic. Every single team member at TOPS is greeted with these words every day, and we all strive to live up to them. It is in being TOPS that we are able to provide a great product, and give great service to our customers.

One of the Aspects of Being Tops Is the Letter ‘O’ – Open

Open means being transparent and sharing amongst ourselves and also with our partners and customers.

Today we want to be open and transparent by sharing with you our company culture deck that we use in new employee orientations. This defines our company and our employees, but don’t mistake it for boring or dry – part of our culture is not to take ourselves too seriously!

Your CAM Management Company Has a Culture

Whether you choose to define it or not.

By sitting down and actively deciding what you want your company culture to be, you can create a positive environment to work in. What makes your culture the secret sauce of your company is the fact that happy, engaged employees give better service, and help create a better product for your customers. So a great corporate culture makes your company great for your clients as well.

But hey, don’t take our word for it! There’s a slideshare that discusses the results of a study of over 200 organizations over the course of 11 years. Among the results? Companies that focused on culture experienced a 756% growth in net income!

So now that you’re convinced, what do you need to know to start defining your own culture?

  • Culture is aspirational – it’s a goal, an ideal; not a destination
  • Culture can be articulated – it’s easily expressed and easily understood
  • Culture is lived – it’s your team in action
  • Culture is accountability – It’s the standard that your employees are held to

If you are thinking of creating a culture code for your own organization, we highly recommend that you check out culture decks that were greatly inspirational to us in defining our own culture: Hubspot’s Culture Code and Netflix Culture Code.

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