As a self-managed association, our resources are limited. Before transitioning to TOPS [ONE], which was a seamless experience, I allocated several hours weekly to manage the books. With TOPS [ONE], the same tasks take just a few minutes. It takes me about 1/10 of the time it previously did.


Transitioning from Pro to TOPS [ONE]

Marseilles Condominiums was a long-time user of TOPS Pro, TOPS Software’s legacy offering. As a self-managed association, board approval was required to transition to TOPS [ONE]. While there was initial reluctance, the benefits of transitioning to TOPS [ONE] were instantly noticeable. Immediate benefits Marseilles received from transitioning included anywhere, anytime access to critical association data, instant compatibility with other modern software systems, and generating additional value data previously trapped inside TOPS Pro.

Keys to Transition Success!

Transitioning technology doesn’t have to cause headaches. With TOPS [ONE], all users have access to customizable training options to help users increase productivity on the features they will use the most. Additionally, the tailored training helps users understand all the capabilities of TOPS [ONE] and how selfmanaged associations can benefit from new features.

Ease of Use

Transitioning Marseilles Condominium’s accounts payable and receivable information to TOPS [ONE] was effortless. Previously, generating similarly detailed reports required hours of sorting through a combination of disparate digital and physical records. TOPS [ONE]’s automated reporting engine allows Marseilles to create dozens of customizable reports instantly. Additionally, information on specific owner accounts can be accessed in seconds.

Self-Managed Marseilles Condominium Associates Reduces Administrative Tasks by 90% with TOPS [ONE]

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You will learn how Marseilles Condominium Associates reduced administrative tasks by:

  • Increasing accounting accuracy through user-friendly functionality
  • Enabling anytime, anywhere access to critical association data
  • Increasing compatibility with other software systems

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