We Know How Vital It Is for You to Build and Maintain Strong Relationships with Your Vendors

What’s more, we know that smooth and timely communications are the building blocks of those relationships. Whether it’s your bank, payments processor, website provider or any other partner, everyone benefits when you keep your vendors in the loop.

Your partners should be your choice. You shouldn’t have to change partners because of your accounting software. With TOPS [ONE], you keep the vendors you already work with and trust.

Because every management organization is different, we believe you deserve a solution that uniquely fits your needs. That’s why, when we set out to develop TOPS [ONE], we decided to create a platform, not an app or a conventional program.

Platform Means We Provide the Foundation for All Your Records and Transactions – a Common Space Accessible to Your Trusted Partners

Everything stems from that, and everything goes back to that.

Once you give your partners permission to access the platform, they can easily jump onto it and access the accounting and owner data that you’re willing to share with them.

The magic that makes that happen is The TOPS [ONE] API.

What’s an API?

API stands for Application Program Interface. Think of it as a virtual translator that allows one program to communicate with any other program — like a Rosetta Stone for software.

Through the TOPS [ONE] API, your partners can access all the key data points you track, like owner balances, contact information and the chart of accounts. It doesn’t matter what program they use at their end – the API automatically “translates” your records for them.

Connected through the API, the partner can direct the flow of information, such as pulling information from TOPS [ONE] or pushing updates to TOPS [ONE]. And thanks to the API, their input is immediately accessible to you!

The best part? This all happens completely seamlessly behind the scenes. No more saving and uploading files in a different format. No more wasted time managing sync programs at your end.

Complete Control Over Privacy and Access

You never have to worry about making your community data too public. You totally control which vendors are connected to the platform, and what data they can access. You can enable and disable communities and vendors at any time.

TOPS Clients: Browse the TOPS Connect App Store to activate and manage apps from TOPS and our premium partners.

Partners Services Websites Product Integrations
Alliance Association Bank Banking, Financial Services www.allianceassociationbank.com [ONE]
ARC Tracker Portal Services, Management Tools www.arctracker.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]
AssociationREADY Management Tools www.associationready.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]
Association Services Network Portal Services, Management Tools www.asn4hoa.com
AvidXchange Financial Services www.avidxchange.com [ONE]
Axela Technologies Collections, Financial Services, Management Tools www.axela-tech.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]
Bank-A-Count Corp Printing and Forms www.bank-a-count.com
BillingTree Financial Services www.mybillingtree.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]
Black Associates, LLC Management Tools www.blackandassocs.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]
California Association of Community Managers, Inc Industry Governing Body, Affiliations www.cacm.org
CIT Banking, Financial Services www.cit.com/cab [ONE]
ClickPay Financial Services, Management Tools www.clickpay.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]
Community Associations Institute Industry Governing Body, Affiliations www.caionline.org
Condo Control Portal Services, Website Providers www.condocontrolcentral.com [ONE]
Concierge Plus Website Providers www.conciergeplus.com iQ, Pro
Dynamic Systems Printing and Forms www.dswebtoprint.com/categories/tops [ONE]
eUnify, Inc Portal Services, Management Tools www.eunify.net iQ, Pro
FRONTSTEPS Portal Services, Website Providers www.frontsteps.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]
GetDocsNow.com Industry Resources www.getdocsnow.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]
Gladly Website Providers www.gogladly.com iQ, Pro
HOAst, Inc Governance Tools www.HOAst-Inc.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]
HomeWiseDocs Printing and Forms, Management Tools, Portal Services, Industry Resources www.homewisedocs.com [ONE]
Maintco, Inc Management Tools, Construction, Facility Maintenance www.maintco.com [ONE]
My Green Condo, Inc Portal Services, Management Tools www.mygreencondo.net iQ, Pro, [ONE]
myHOA of Miriad Technologies, LLC Portal Services, Management Tools, Website Providers www.myhoapro.us iQ, Pro, [ONE]
Nabr Network Portal Services, Management Tools, Website Providers www.nabrnetwork.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]
OSG Printing and Forms, Management Tools www.osgconnect.com
Pacific Premier Bank Banking, Financial Services www.ppbi.com [ONE]
Pacific Western Bank Banking, Financial Services www.pacwest.com/business-banking/homeowners-association-services [ONE]
Pilera Software, LLC Portal Services, Management Tools, Website Providers www.pilera.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]
Revo Property Pay Financial Services,Portal Services www.revopropertypay.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]
SenEarthCo Portal Services, Management Tools www.senearthco.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]
Significant Digits, Inc Industry Resources www.significantdigits.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]
Smartwebs, Inc Portal Services, Management Tools, Website Providers www.smartwebs.net iQ, Pro, [ONE]
Sperlonga Data & Analytics Systems, LLC Financial Services, Management Tools www.sperlongadata.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]
Trapp Technology, Inc Portal Services www.trapptechnology.com iQ, Pro
Truist Banking, Financial Services www.truist.com/commercial-corporate-institutional/industry-expertise/association-services [ONE]
Unified Technology Group, LLC Management Tools www.vertilinc.com
U.S. Bank National Association Banking, Financial Services www.usbank.com [ONE]
Webster Bank Banking, Financial Services www.snb.com [ONE]
Wintrust Community Advantage of Barrington Bank Trust Company, N.A. Banking, Financial Services, Management Tools www.communityadvantage.com [ONE]
YapStone, Inc Financial Services, Management Tools www.yapstone.com iQ, Pro
Yearli By Greatland Corporation Printing and Forms, Financial Services www.yearli.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]
Zego Financial Services, Management Tools www.gozego.com iQ, Pro, [ONE]

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