Paving the Path to Excellence: Mike Hardy, President & CEO of TOPS Software

Paving the Path to Excellence: Mike Hardy, President & CEO of TOPS Software

TOPS [ONE] is Ready to be Your Cloud-Based Game Changer.

When TOPS Software founder, Jeff Hardy, finally embraced retirement, he left some very big shoes to fill. A trailblazer long before establishing TOPS in 1985, Jeff pioneered HOA software and was a pillar of the Community Association Management (CAM) technology sector. Luckily, his son and successor, Mike Hardy, had major plans.


From the onset, Mike was determined to take TOPS to the next level by embracing his family’s relationship with the HOA/CAM industry.

That dedication remains the core of the company, and is what drives TOPS to best serve Homeowners Associations and Condominium Associations everywhere. Creating TOPS [ONE] (a web-based, all-in-one platform) was the first step Mike took in championing that initiative.

TOPS [ONE] completely reshaped the nature of TOPS. It fueled the company with a start-up mentality and motivation: delivering the future of CAM software to the industry. Like any new endeavor, there were hurdles to overcome and painful lessons to be learned, and in the end, those struggles helped produce the best platform possible.

With TOPS [ONE], our goal isn’t to replicate what’s been done, but to reimagine how the CAM industry is using software today,” Mike claims. He says, “Our vision is TOPS [ONE] servicing the client back office, and aggregating board, homeowner, and vendor engagement all in one place. TOPS [ONE] mitigates the workload for everyone involved in the community operations by granting anywhere, anytime access to the platform.”

To this day, TOPS [ONE] is constantly evolving. Some people say that means the product isn’t ready—quite the opposite. Feature-for-feature, TOPS [ONE] can stand up to any solution on the market today. Now, every enhancement focuses on bolstering user experience.

TOPS is consistently evaluating client needs to discover and implement new ways to make the software more resilient and bolster the user experience, like:

  • Industry-exclusive Customer Success and Sales Development teams
  • Financial resources dedicated to technology and people
  • Commitment to developing a world-class infrastructure
  • Quality Assurance team made up of CAM professionals
  • Dedicated, expansive Support team
  • Standalone Implementation team

Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, TOPS [ONE] is ready to help you save time and effort. Click here to WATCH A DEMO or call for a FREE Consultation at 727-205-9366