Online and Contactless Payments TOPS [ONE]

Then finally is TOPS Pay. This is seriously going to change our receivable process, making our payment process (credit cards and ACH) integrate seamlessly from [Owners] to TOPS [ONE].

Easy Online Payments

TOPS [ONE] includes our native TOPS Pay at no extra charge. TOPS Pay plus our built-in Owner Portal (also at no extra charge) allows your Owners to pay online on demand and reduces late payments.

  • Empower Owners to submit one time and recurring Credit Card payments
  • Completely FREE recurring ACH Direct Debit built-in
  • Offer your Owners online e-Check payments


Contactless Payments

TOPS Pay is also available inside of TOPS [ONE], letting your staff process Credit, Debit, and e-Check payments without the need of a separate system.

  • Assist owners on making payments on a phone call
  • Remove the need for Owner to be present to make payments
  • Make it easier for Owner’s to avoid delinquency


TOPS Pay Dashboard

Managing the accounts receivables is one of the most critical functions for community managers. Using TOPS Pay gives you unprecedented visibility into the flow of payments into your associations.

  • Analyze month over month payment trends
  • Measure online payment adoption by your Owners
  • Reduce the flow of manual checks needing to be processed


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