These 5 Powerful Property Management Automations Will Level Up Your Workflow

These 5 Powerful Property Management Automations Will Level Up Your Workflow

Do you ever feel that property management work never seems to end? Or do you wonder how property management automation might help with the continual stress?

Truly, HOA management includes a constant stream of accounting tasks, requests and queries, violation tracking, documentation, and financial reports. And that’s only to name a few. Multiply that by the number of properties you have in your portfolio, and it can be even more stressful to think about.

But HOA management doesn’t have to be difficult or even tedious. Yes, we know what you’re thinking, can property management automation really make it easier? Truthfully, however, it can be the complete opposite of a headache if you know how to optimize your workflow.

The key is in technology and in property management software. But not just any software. Indeed, we’re talking about HOA management software with powerful automation features that integrate your workflows into one system. In turn, this system crunches the numbers and pulls together the details for you.

When your daily workload feels like it’s getting out of control, consider the advantages of these property management automations (and our tips to implement them).

Advantages of Property Management Automation

Put simply, automated property management software handles the technical legwork. Examples include data organization, cashflows, owner records, and so much more. By offloading these tasks, you’re able to be more productive elsewhere.

Instead of manually managing your database and juggling different workflows, automation does it for you. And it’s all within a system that’s designed specifically for HOA management.

But automation isn’t a digital trend; it’s the new industry norm that property managers use to their advantage. Why? Because it saves time, energy, and money.

And when you have more time and energy, you have more control over your workload and overall efficiency. And your work becomes a source of empowerment, not a constant frustration.

To show ways to automate your workflow, let’s look at the advanced features of TOPS [ONE] property management software that can benefit you. We’ll also explore, in detail, how each feature will empower your productivity.

Automated Accounting

You know all too well that accounting is time-consuming. This isn’t the case with TOPS [ONE], however, its accounting engine can effectively act as your digital accountant, systemizing the numbers with powerful automation that you can trust.

Receivables, payables, turnarounds, and budgets – TOPS [ONE] takes care of these and more in a way that’s as hands-off as it should be. Developed by HOA accountants, it features customizable tools to handle even the most demanding aspects of accounting.

As a property manager, there’s a good chance you are already using accounting software. But if accounting isn’t a workflow that you’re integrating within HOA software, you are probably expending more – in time, energy, and money – than you need to.

Automated Payments

Just like accounting, payments are automated with TOPS [ONE]. The two communicate with one another to synchronize the data, track late fees, and more, so that you can have a clear visual display of what’s happening.

It’s another valuable tip for automating your workflow, as owner payments can be made online in their own time, instantly organized into a system that you can check later in your own time.

TOPS Pay benefits you and homeowners. It saves time and reduces late fees simply because it’s quick, easy, and reliable.

Automated Communications

Emails, texts, and reminders also could be automated to boost efficiency and productivity. And if you are managing more than one community, automated communications is an asset at your disposal that won’t have you looking back.

TOPS [ONE] eliminates having to send out emails and reminders manually. Communication is automated and customizable, meaning you can configure emails and texts to be sent based on user late fees, in a blast, or at designated times.

This kind of communication forges engagement and transparency. It also frees up your time and makes following up violations or late payments stress-free.

Automated Requests

Service requests are one of the aspects of HOA management that you can’t always anticipate. Due to this, requests mustn’t just be systemized but handled in a satisfactory, timely manner.

With TOPS [ONE], owner service requests can easily be submitted online, organized into a manageable workflow that shows you what’s pending and what’s complete. It makes your job easier while ensuring community success and happiness.

The tip here is managing owner requests at both ends. Automation does that by making requests less daunting for owners and HOA managers.

Automated Third-Party Vendors

By inviting vendors to input their information, invoices, and project reports into your automated property management software, all parties can benefit from an organized workflow that keeps things running seamlessly.

Automating third-party vendors can also tie in with service requests. How? Via the TOPS [ONE] owner portal, community members can track the status of projects that they have either submitted as requests or simply want to follow.

This doesn’t just please community members and board members but can help to foster authentic relationships with vendors who will find your management process a breeze to handle.

TOPS HOA Software – Fully Automated Workflows in [ONE] Powerful Tool

Detailed above are just a few ways TOPS [ONE] HOA software integrates powerful automation tools to make property management less demanding, bolstering your productivity at the same time.

As fully automated property management software, TOPS [ONE] is configurable and customizable to match your needs, as well as the needs of the communities you manage.

But that’s not all it has to offer – TOPS [ONE] gives you a personalized HOA website, workable templates for emails, reports, and more, in addition to 24/7 on-demand support from a real customer service team of dedicated HOA professionals.

Our best tip? Kick-start automated HOA management with a TOPS [ONE] consultation – it’s free, with no obligations.

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