Explore How Prism Realty Management Leveraged Strategy, Pricing, and Technology to Pave the Way to Scalable Growth!


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Prism Realty Case Study: Strategy + [ONE] Nets Amazing Results!

In this PDF, Mike Hardy, CEO & President of TOPS Software and Brett McAnally, Owner/Founder of Prism Realty Management shares that with TOPS [ONE], Prism Realty automated manual tasks, utilized the Owner portal to allow residents to manage their accounts online, reducing the need for phone calls and office visits, and more. By adopting technology, Prism experienced growth from 100+ to 5k doors.

You’ll learn:

  • How TOPS [ONE]’s cloud-based solution resulted in exponential growth for Prism Realty Management
  • How integrations with best-in-breed solutions allows for automating of manual tasks that include, accounting, management, communications, and more

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