Before you make the switch 

Save time, money, and headaches.


Key takeaways:

    • Boosting efficiencies, reducing costs, and providing the framework for workflow automation are all necessary to effectively serve your communities.
    • Automation can help you find new homeowner residents and gives you the tools to communicate with them.
    • Your community members will see improvements in maintenance request response time and consistent service overall.

Managing your HOAs can be truly rewarding but it can also be a never-ending stream of to-dos on a long list. On any given day, these include creating and reviewing financial reports, looking into accounting inquiries, handling maintenance requests, writing up documentation, and tracking violations. If you manage multiple properties, this list can grow to near-intolerable heights.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to take some of the work off your shoulders – automation. Many of your daily tasks in customer service, accounting, finances, and communication can be automated with user-friendly property management software. Indeed, automating your property management tasks may be one of the smartest things you can do for your communities. It saves time and money, leaving mundane duties like data entry and invoice generation to an algorithm. This can give your community members a smooth, seamless experience.

So, how can automation help your HOAs? Here are five ways: 

  • Streamline maintenance requests

As every property manager can tell you, one of the biggest headaches in the business is managing maintenance requests and work orders. Automation creates an easily-manipulated maintenance calendar that is available for scheduling 24/7. Community members can request service in the moment, even from their phones, no matter the time of day or night. They can then rest easy knowing that, in the morning, the request will make its way to the right vendor. Some systems can even generate work orders and invoices for that vendor.

  • Provide consistent service 

With an automated workflow, many tasks will get scheduled and performed systematically. This not only removes them from your to-do list, but it also frees you up to concentrate on growing the business, not simply maintaining it. Likewise, outside contractors and other vendors can be brought into the system. This reduces the likelihood of service delays and complaints.

An automated approach can also help you recruit and retain great staff. When your system is easy to explain and mundane, day-to-day operations are handled by an automated solution, you become far more of an appealing company than one that’s saddled with endless paperwork and banal tasks.

  • Masterfully manage data

The best way to effectively manage your communities is by using data. But data comes at you from all sides and in all forms. The trick is to organize it in a way that’s immediately digestible and actionable. Automation software brings all your data together – property listings, member accounts, budgets, event planning, management fees – and spits out facts about the health of your business that you can actually use.

One component of this is lead generation. When you have vacant homes, many software solutions will automatically generate and post listings to fill them.

Software can automatically keep all applications and agreements in one place, and let members fill them out online with digital signatures. No more hours spent gazing longingly at the mailbox, waiting for signed applications and leases to arrive.

  • Create clear communication

A key piece of the property management pie is member communications. Whether it’s dues notices, newsletters, maintenance follow-up, board minutes, or event invitations, effective communication is necessary for a well-oiled, vibrant community.

Since your member data is all in one place with property management automation, you can easily track payments, service requests, and event RSVPs with a quick glance at a dashboard. Set up regular reminders for monthly dues, and even an automatic late notice if someone is past due. Service requests become a breeze, with technology that allows members to file a maintenance ticket day or night, and lets them communicate directly with third-party vendors who will be on-site to address issues.

All of this, and more with TOPS [ONE] property management software

TOPS [ONE] property management software provides all of the benefits mentioned above, plus much more. Here are some of its advanced features:

  • Automated accounting. Your own personal digital accountant, with a specialty in community associations.
  • Automated payments. [TOPS] Pay communicates seamlessly with our accounting software to settle accounts, collect fees, set up recurring payments, and much more.
  • Automated communications. Reminders automatically sent by text or email that save hours of manual work, particularly for companies that have more than one community in their portfolio.
  • Automated requests. Service requests, once the bane of property management, are now easily processed online and immediately dropped into a workflow that ensures prompt attention to pressing issues.
  • Automated third-party vendors. Outside vendors now feel like a part of your team, with invoices, project reports, and contact information all within the same system.

These components of [TOPS] ONE help remove some of the stress from property management and free you up to focus on bigger and better things. Everything TOPS [ONE] does is about simplifying things for you.

An automated property management solution that works for you

When you take mundane tasks out of your daily workload, you open up time and refresh your energy to make your communities even better places to live. TOPS [ONE] HOA software is a good first step toward that goal – a fully automated solution that is customizable to your community’s needs, with email templates, personalized HOA websites, and 24/7 support. To learn more, watch our free demo.