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As a property manager, who would you rather trust to run your business operations, the inventors of a product, or the copycat companies that jumped on the bandwagon but don’t have as much industry experience?

We’ve been in your shoes, and we understand the issues you’re confronted with every day working with property owners and residents. TOPS [ONE] can help you increase your business productivity by automating many manual tasks that take up your team’s time, like processing collections, running reports, maintenance requests, and more.

A Property Management System Software Solution to Simplify Managing All of Your Properties

Property management organizations with hundreds of communities and individual self-managed associations can experience the simplicity of using the different features our [ONE] program offers to manage it all for a per door monthly fee.

TOPS [ONE] brings the following into a single place:

Extend Customer Support with an Online Portal

Increasing residential property values affect several factors related to the real estate market, the location, the economy, and the home itself. Houses within an HOA community sell about five to six percent higher than those not in one. You can provide residents with intangible value too through your association or property management company’s customer service.

You want your residents to be happy about where they live. The TOPS online portal improves customer service by giving property owners the option of self-service. This lessens the time your team has to spend on the phone and enables homeowners to find what they’re looking for at any time of the day.

Easier Payments with Property Management System Software

Another way we’re helping our clients provide a superior customer experience is with how they accept payments. Gone are the days where checks are the preferred method. We’ve integrated online payments into TOPS, making it easier for residents to submit their monthly fees and dues via the payment gateway from any device.

Property Management Software with Real-Time Reporting

Managers and board members can track receivables and cash flow in real-time to get an accurate picture of the communities’ financial status when making strategic decisions.

Here are three accounting features our customers love:

Access TOPS [ONE] Property Management System Software from Anywhere Using our Mobile App

You want your staff to be as productive as possible, even when they’re on the go. While your team is moving within a community, they can access and input data into our property management software from their internet-connected mobile device.

Logging violations goes from a timely task to one they can do electronically. There’s less to remember when they get back to the office, and they can send resident notifications even faster.

Manage Vendor Operations with Ease

Managing third-party vendors is complicated when there are multiple projects in the works at the same time. TOPS automated accounts payable solution, VendorAlly streamlines vendor organization and operations, so payments are made by their due dates.

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