Steps to Properly Maintain Property Amenities and Cleanliness

Why is Community Maintenance the Property Manager’s Job?

Property cleaning and maintaining amenities may seem like a mundane task, but proper community cleanliness and maintenance can set community managers apart.

Community cleanliness shows residents and potential new residents how much you care about your community. Taking the time to clean the community club house or improve the fitness room shows that you value your property and want to have the best community available for your residents. Here are some tips to maintaining your community and making it the best it can be.

How Software Can Help Improve Maintenance

Community Management Software
One major role that comes with managing a community is community maintenance.

This doesn’t just mean the amenities like the community pool, gym, or clubhouse. This is general maintenance as well. Maintenance requests are a daily occurrence and in a big community with limited staff, it can be a hassle to keep track. With TOPS [ONE] community management software you can handle all requests digitally, which helps keep all your requests organized. It also makes life easier for the resident as they can submit their request immediately, no matter the level of importance. This helps your staff stay organized and respond to each request faster. Learn how TOPS [ONE] can help streamline all your maintenance tasks.

Best Practices to Maintain Your Community

When managing any community, it is always cheaper to maintain upkeep than to replace something.

The best way to keep track of maintenance needs is with an annual maintenance checklist. This helps a community manager stay organized and tend to maintenance needs in a timely manner. This helps keep units up to code and prevents costly replacements later.

When it is time to replace something there are options community managers can make to save money. Sometimes it is more cost effective to outsource the work to another company. This keeps your current staff free of handling a job that takes too much time or that they aren’t equipped to handle. Another option is looking into green initiatives. Some green technology can save money and produce a cleaner environment for your community. Take a look at your community and see if you have a proper maintenance plan in place.

How Maintaining Your Community Benefits You and Your Residents

Maintaining cleanliness and maintenance on your amenities may seem obvious and mundane.

But taking the extra steps can have a major benefit on your community and your residents. Residents are much happier in a community that is clean and up to code. It makes them want to use the amenities more and keeps the relationship between residents and the board strong. It also can help you land new residents through positive online feedback, word of mouth, and more. A clean community also helps residents stay healthy and can limit the spread of germs during flu season. Amenities like the gym and pool area should be cleaned after each use. As we’ve seen from flu season and the recent COVID-19 pandemic, cleanliness is a task that must be taken seriously. This means thoroughly wiping down equipment after use and having hand sanitizer available for residents. Think about taking extra steps to maintain your community cleanliness.

We Can Help

property management software
With TOPS, tasks like maintenance become easier to request and track.

It’s also easier to communicate with residents so you can get their feedback on areas of the community they’d like to see improved. Consider making the upgrade to TOPS [ONE] and improving your community lifestyle.

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