Are You Looking for Qualified Community Association Management Professionals?

Or for a job in the CAM industry?

Whether you’re a community association professional looking for a job, or a management company looking for a new addition to your team, it can be tough to know where to go. Job search sites abound on the Internet, but too much choice can be overwhelming, particularly when you’re looking in a niche industry like Community Association Management.

Because they are so distributed, management companies and self managed communities post open jobs in a number of locations online. If you’re stumped on where to look, here are tips on where to go and what to do to find the perfect CAM job (or candidate) online.


LinkedIn is one of the largest and most successful social networks for business.

That makes LinkedIn a great place to find a community association manager job.

TIP: Before you begin your job search, make sure you have fully updated your profile on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn Profile is your online resume. Hiring managers will often look you up there first to be sure that you are qualified for the job prior to contacting you.

Job Seeking on LinkedIn

It’s as easy as 1,2,3! 1) Click Jobs, 2) Enter a search term, such as CAM Manager, 3) Click Search.

To find a job on LinkedIn, log in and click on Jobs in the black bar at the top of the page. Then, in the search box, type the search term keyword, like CAM or HOA, and all jobs that phrase in the description will come up in the search results. LinkedIn offers a number of additional search capabilities, such as size of the company that you may find useful to your search.

TIP: If you’re looking for a job on LinkedIn, one of the first things you should do is join relevant industry groups. It’s bad form to post on groups that you are looking for a job, but LinkedIn will show open positions in your area in the right-hand column while you are browsing relevant groups.

Job Posting on LinkedIn

To post your open position on LinkedIn, there is a nominal charge of a couple of hundred dollars.

Exactly how much depends on your location and how many job postings you buy at a time. (You get a discount for buying in bulk.) To create the job posting, log in to LinkedIn, click on Jobs in the black bar at the top, and click the Post a Job button on the right hand side. You can copy job descriptions and get ideas for your post here. Get a full walk through of the LinkedIn form here.

TIP: To fully leverage your payment, you can share your posting with LinkedIn groups. We recommend sharing your job opening with these influential CAM industry groups.

Paid Job Search Sites

There are a ton of paid job search sites on the Internet, where jobs might be posted.

Some of the more popular ones you might try include, Glass Door, and Career Builder. There is also the one-size fits all jumbo-tron job listing site – Craig’s List.

Job Seeking on Paid Search Sites

Different sites are going to ask you to take different actions, such as uploading your resume to the site or filling out a detailed account profile.

To save time and energy pick one location to store your online resume and simply link to your profile anytime you are asked to put in your job history or upload a resume on a paid site. I recommend you use LinkedIn for this purpose since LinkedIn will let you know when someone else looks at your portfolio, and more importantly, who is looking.

Anytime you see a job that looks intriguing on a paid job search site, be sure to do your homework before just applying for the job. Avoid anonymous listings. Those usually indicate either internal drama, or that the poster is a recruiter, not the company itself.

TIP: Save yourself from bad interviews by taking a moment to search for companies online before you apply. Look for red flags like a missing website or bad social media reviews to help you determine if they are a good fit for you.

Job Listing on Paid Search Sites

Each of the sites listed above charge for businesses to list jobs.

TIP: If you post at least one job every couple of months, you can save a lot of time & money (and get more exposure) by using a service like Workable. This site lets you post to 15 different paid search sites for one monthly price, and you only need to create one job listing. The best part? You can pause your account during the months you are not hiring.

Industry Resources

When you conduct business in a niche industry, the best thing you can do is look within the industry itself for job postings. The community association management industry has several industry-specific job posting options available.

CAI Job Market

The Community Associations Institute offers a job board for industry professionals to find jobs and be found by companies seeking CAM professionals. The CAI Job Market features the ability for job seekers to post their resume anonymously, as well as the ability for companies to post their jobs. Prices are cheaper for members, and CAI offers variable time frames for jobs to stay open on the site.

Adamen Inc.

When you just don’t have the time or the energy to do a comprehensive search, a recruiter is a great option. Most recruiters focus on finding talent in a particular industry. Within the CAM industry, we have Adamen, Inc. Adamen provides a job posting site as well as active recruitment services for businesses in need of specialized talent. Check out the open job listings on their website.

How much should you ask for? “A good rule of thumb for portfolio managers is that you should get paid approximately 33% of the gross amount of contracts you manage.” – Julie Adamen on The Smart Things Managers Do when Looking for Work

Industry Job Boards

In reaction to the need for industry specific job listing sites, a number of regional options are available online. Try these options in your area:

  • Florida –
  • California – CACM Career Network
  • Check Your Local CAI Chapter

How to Search

Nearly every site listed here offers comprehensive search functions to help you find the right postings.

Most often, you will be encouraged to search by job title. Some of the most common titles you can search for include: ‘Community Association Manager’, ‘Portfolio Manager’, ‘Association Manager’, ‘Property Manager’, ‘Executive Manager’, and ‘Executive Director’.

Because jobs are listed under such a wide variety of position titles, search often works best when you have a designation, like ‘CCAM’, ‘CMCA’, ‘AMS’ or ‘PCAM’, or a common term, like ‘HOA’ or ‘Condo’, or even the software skills you are looking for, like ‘TOPS‘.

TIP: Beware of similar job titles that lead to completely different jobs. Community Manager is a term that is often used for online social community managers (a customer service position) and CAM can often be associated with cameras and computer aided design (CAD).

I hope these tips help you in your search to find a great job or a great employee to add to your team!


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