Having a history of transactions is one of the biggest benefits for me. I can look at a home’s payment and vendor history. I can review and compare closed invoices and past activity. I have all the information in once place. I still have a few paper files, but TOPS [ONE] has helped me greatly reduce physical paperwork.


TOPS [ONE] to the Rescue

Wendy had used TOPS IQ for many years after upgrading from Peachtree software in 2015. She appreciated that TOPS Software truly understood her business. When TOPS [ONE] became available, she looked at its features and was impressed with its enhanced functionality. Despite her overwhelming to-do list, she decided to move forward with a planned upgrade to TOPS [ONE] in July of 2020. “At the time I made the switch, TOPS’ in-person training was not an option due to COVID-19 restrictions. So, I relied on virtual training tools to get up and running. There was definitely a learning curve,” she said. Thankfully, the software quickly helped her manage day-to-day work more efficiently, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and decreasing her reliance on a physical paper trail.

Manage  Bookkeeping Tasks

Today, Wendy uses TOPS [ONE] to manage HOA accounting, one of her largest and most important responsibilities. She handles the flow of resident payments, confirms that each account is up to date, pays bills, and generates reports for the board. “It’s important to me that our treasurer is always up to date on our balance sheet. I don’t want to be the only one seeing financials. TOPS [ONE] gives me instant access to all of the reports needed to track our finances carefully,” she said.

Increase in Efficiencies

With TOPS [ONE], when owners settle a bill via a digital lockbox, Wendy sees their payment reflected and can record it directly into TOPS [ONE] with a click of her mouse. The software is also helpful when one of the homes in The Falls of Autry Mill is sold. Wendy uses it to stay up-to-date on each cost related to the property, and then manages these charges across the sale to ensure that each expense is paid by the correct party. The notes she leaves in each record creates a virtual paper trail should questions arise before or after the transaction is complete.

Work from Anywhere Appeal

Wendy appreciates that TOPS [ONE] is cloud-based software, which means she can use it from anywhere. While she often came into the office during the pandemic, she relied on this flexibility to work from home when needed. This was especially helpful when she was preparing for board meetings and needed uninterrupted time to reconcile data and run reports.

When travel becomes commonplace again, Wendy also expects to use TOPS [ONE] from the road. “When I go out of state, I can pull up TOPS [ONE], answer a board member’s question, get a vendor phone number – I have all the answers I need at my fingertips.”

The Falls of Autry Mill Cuts Bookkeeping Burden by 30% Streamlines Administrative Work with TOPS [ONE]

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  • 30% Increase in Efficiencies of Managing Resident Payments and Property Sales
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  • 20% Reduction in Manual Paperwork

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