Upgrading Your HOA Software

Technology and software are constantly evolving.

As a community manager, it is your responsibility to determine when your current software is out-of-date and in need of an upgrade. Your current solution may be hindering productivity with manual verses automated tasks and you may be looking for a change. Fortunately, TOPS makes for an easy transition of HOA and other community management software. Still, before you make the change there are some steps you should take to make the transition as seamless as possible. Trying to rush the transition or not taking appropriate action can lead to challenges you may not have thought of. Here are some tips for transitioning your HOA accounting software.

Identify Where You Need Help

The first step in implementation is determining where your current gaps are in your current solution.

TOPS can assist you in just about every aspect of community management, but you might not need every feature available. Determining your current organization’s pain points and learning how TOPS can streamline and automate those particular processes is a good starting point. For example, maybe your community is having issues maintaining accurate accounting and bookkeeping. TOPS [ONE] offers accounting specifically for CAMs and PMCs. TOPS makes your accounting easier and keeps it organized so you and your staff save time. If this fills the gap for you and your community, it’s time to take the next step and begin planning the transition.

Allow Transition Time

When you are transitioning software, you should also give yourself plenty of lead time.

Learning a new system requires time and practice. After you assign your internal software lead or expert, they should spend time getting used to the software and testing it out themselves before it is rolled out to the rest of the team and residents. This gives you time to work out any unforeseen issues that come up. It’s also the opportunity for your staff to ask questions and become as familiar as possible with the system. This helps save time when the software is fully rolled out and allows for seamless training.

Work with Your Software Company

Perhaps the best way to minimize headaches when transitioning software is by keeping open communication with your software provider.

At TOPS we have a stand-alone implementation team on call to help you every step of the way. They will answer all your questions and help get you up and running. Our implementation team helps you at each step. From preparing and importing your data, to setting up your accounting and communities, to training and consultation. Make sure you have a main point of contact within your team so you always get your issue taken care of in a timely fashion.

Making the Change

TOPS [ONE] Platform
TOPS’ mission is to make the transition of community management software as easy as possible.

Our software is designed for easy transition and we have a team in place to help you through the implementation. Reach out to TOPS to start your community management accounting software upgrade.


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