Top 5 Challenges Property Management Companies Face with Their Software

Challenges and Solutions

It’s no secret that property management software makes the job of a community manager much easier.

At TOPS, we pride ourselves on offering the best solution to save your community time and make your job less of a challenge. However, there are still challenges communities face with software solutions. While property management software simplifies your work, it isn’t perfect and can still lead to issues for associations. Here are some challenges communities face with their software solution, and how to overcome them.

Implementation Can Be a Struggle

Often the biggest issue with new software is the set-up process.

Sometimes there may be resistance to change within your staff and they need to be informed of the advantages the new system offers. Once your community decides to make the change, it’s important you establish an implementation plan. This should include determining an expert on the new system, establishing a working relationship with the implementation staff, and allowing lead up time before fully rolling it out to the team. Taking these steps help reduce set-up issues and leads to faster training and implementation. Make sure you have a strategy for your new software solution.

Providing Mobile and Cloud Access

Another challenge community managers face with their software is lack of flexibility.

Some software can only be accessed by your desktop or laptop computer. Meaning all your information is stored on one device. With TOPS, we allow you to you can do your job anywhere and at any time. Our cloud-based solution means all your information is accessible from any device. TOPS works on your phone, tablet, and computer so you always have access whether you’re at home or the office. Mobile and cloud access helps you perform your job better and is a major advantage when managing your community.

Maintaining Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are things that should always be considered when choosing a software system.

Poor cyber-security in a software system puts you and your residents at risk for loss of information and invasion of privacy. With TOPS you’re protected by our state-of-the-art security, so your information is always protected. You also get access to the TOPS cloud which backs up and saves your information, so you’re protected from loss or other disasters. We handle your security with the utmost care.

Software Becoming Out of Date

Community Management Software
Technology moves faster today and is always looking for ways to improve.

This means your software can become out of date sooner or later. It’s important to work with your software provider to make sure you have the most up to date system. It’s best practice to upgrade your software when given the chance. With TOPS, our implementation and support team can help you every step of the way when it comes to upgrading your system.

Automating Your System

Accounting Software For HOAs
One last issue you can run into with your current system is lack of automation.

Automation is a major key in using software to save time and produce accurate reports. If your system isn’t automated, you may be missing out on a key feature offered by TOPS. TOPS allows you to automate your reporting and payments so you don’t have to waste time pulling them manually. The system does it for you and provides the most up to date information. See how automation can benefit your community.

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