The Importance of Resident Communications

An often-overlooked aspect of managing a community is the relationship between the board and its residents.

Some communities may take an “us versus them” mentality when it comes to residents, but that does not lead to a healthy living environment. Reducing friction between residents and board members leads to a better quality of living for residents and an easier working relationship for board members. The best way to maintain a great relationship with your residents is through strong communication. Communicating with residents makes them feel more included in the community. They can provide ideas and helpful opinions about certain things occurring within your property and lead to a better quality of community. Here are some ways TOPS helps you stay connected with your residents.

Advanced Owner Portals

TOPS [ONE] connects you and your residents easily through our use of advanced owner portals.

Advanced owner portals are a resident’s best connection line to your board. From the advanced portal, residents can make payments, find documents, submit work orders, communicate with the board, and much more. Advanced portals are also available on all devices so residents can be connected no matter where they are. This also assists your board since they can use the portals to send messages to residents, remind them of payments, and more. This ease of communication helps residents stay connected and complete tasks faster.

Modern Communications for Modern Community Management

TOPS now offers enhanced communications, so you can easily communicate with residents in a timely fashion.

We discussed before using your owner portal to communicate with residents, but there are other ways to reach residents in faster time. TOPS offers direct email with tracking, so you can view delivered, bounced, and open rates for email messages. You also receive on-demand text messaging. This means board members can send community text messages to a few community members, or the entire community depending on the message. Text messages have a 98% open rate, much higher than email, so this is a major help when you need to reach residents quickly. It can be especially helpful in the event of a disaster like flood, hurricane, and wildfires. Reaching resident quickly during disaster can lead to better safety of residents and a stronger sense of community.

Messages Enhanced Communications

One of TOPS newest features that helps your community stay connected is our voice broadcast message system.

With our voice broadcast system, you can get critical information to your community via phone immediately. You can pre-plan messages or submit them in a moment’s notice. Much like the mass email and text messaging system, this is very useful in the event of an emergency and can help keep your community safe.

Keeping Connected Gives a Better Sense of Community

When you connect your residents, you create a better sense of community.

When residents feel involved or in the know, they are more likely to support your HOA board and leave great feedback. A connected community also leads to better quality of living for your residents, and that makes your job easier to manage. See how TOPS can keep you and your residents connected and in communication.


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