It’s easy to use and learn. Homeowners can log into their accounts, reducing call time at the office. Managers can work from anywhere.

Accounting Designed Specifically for Community Associations

TOPS[ONE] features a robust accounting engine that comes built-in with comprehensive automation and extensive customizability. It’s powerful enough to satisfy the most demanding accountant and easy enough for someone with no accounting experience to use.

  • Define community specific workflows to efficiently process receivables
  • Completely FREE recurring ACH Direct Debit
  • 100% Customizable General Ledger

Easily Manage From One to hundreds Of Communities

TOPS[ONE] begins with a quick snapshot of the entire portfolio of communities you manage. You’ll love the ability to access key information quickly and get insight into the bottom line within seconds.

  • Greatly reduce phone calls with Our Owner Access self-service portal
  • Perform inspections from anywhere, on any device
  • Unlimited online file storage

Labor-Reducing Owner Engagement Tools

TOPS[ONE] features a powerful, mobile-responsive Owner Portal that comes built-in. Reduce your staff time to handle homeowner requests by empowering residents to access data on their time not yours.

  • Allow owners to manage their preferences and make payments online
  • Share important community documents with your homeowners
  • Portal can be themed to reflect your organization’s brand

Hassle-Free Communications for You and Your Homeowners

TOPS[ONE]‘s comprehensive suit of communication features allow owners to get real-time access the most commonly requested account information, eliminating the tiring games of telephone tag.

Meanwhile, keep everyone in the loop with emails, printed letters, reports and other key messages. Send them to selected individuals or the entire community – anytime, anywhere!

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