After 21 years with the accounting software powerhouse, Allen says he’s looking forward to 21 more years ahead.

Ryan Allen has held a myriad of positions in his lengthy 21-year tenure with TOPS Software, the leading provider of accounting and management software for the community association management industry. What began as a sensible position in accounting after graduating with an Accounting degree quickly became a roller coaster of hierarchical leaps and bounds. From Accounting to Support, Operations ownership to Product, he currently resides in QA using his long-standing knowledge of the product and industry to support a key process in the software’s enhancement. While his jack-of-all-trades abilities have made his career possible, Allen credits his choice to stay so long with the company to the culture and excitement of both TOPS and the property management industry. “It’s always challenging and ever-changing,” says Allen. “We deal with so many different demands, from management companies to physical managers, from book keeping to audits, we get to be involved in every little piece of the workload and it’s really exciting.” But that’s not all that keeps him at TOPS. His personal relationships with clients and partners are what really fuel his fire. “There are people with TOPS who I’ve known my entire professional career. That’s huge. You can’t beat that.” He adds, “We have those relationships because we care—that’s what makes us stand out. We want so badly to do right by our clients. If we can reasonably make something happen, we’re willing to give anything a shot if there’s a chance it will help out one of our users.” When asked about how he feels after two decades with the same company, Allen had this to say: “I’m grateful for every client that has given us the opportunity to expand and grow. We have a lot of cool ideas, and ideas take longer to come to fruition than everyone wants them to—but when you see those concepts finally happen after all the hard work and the effort and can say, ‘wow, WE did that—we meaning not just the developers, the QA testers, the product specialists, but the clients, too—WE made that happen,’ and that’s an unbeatable feeling.” TOPS is just as grateful to have Allen on board as he is to be here. Says Mike Hardy, longtime friend of Allen, and President and CEO of the company, “Ryan is a phenomenal person. His genuine care for all our customers is tangible and contagious. His knowledge is unparalleled and his ingenuity is what makes him such an asset across so many departments. TOPS is lucky to have him, and we’ll have him for as long as he’ll have us.”


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