Most Desirable Uses of Property Management System, TOPS [ONE]

Save Time and Money Using TOPS [ONE] Property Management System

Streamline daily tasks and operations to create better results for property managers and homeowner associations with TOPS [ONE]. Instead of flipping back and forth between many spreadsheets or programs to find pertinent information on a single issue, our property management software brings everything into [ONE] place, thereby rocketing operational efficiency.

Your staff will spend less time on their daily operations, data accuracy will improve, and homeowners will be happier too.

Property Management Software with Customer Satisfaction in Mind

We understand customer satisfaction for your property owners is of utmost importance to your business. If they’re not happy, board members won’t be happy, and your property management company is likely to get the boot.

Give them something a little extra to modernize their experience with the option to pay their homeowner dues online. We offer payment gateways for residents to make online payments.

In the Advanced Portal for property owners, they can also:

  • Enter maintenance requests
  • Manage any violations
  • View payment history

TOPS [ONE] is designed to help you offer top-notch customer support and customer service to your residents.

TOPS [ONE] is Stored & Protected in the Cloud

TOPS [ONE] is a cloud-based software meaning users don’t need to download a thing, and it can be accessed from anywhere (with a login). In the event of a disaster or future lockdown, your team will still have access to your files even if they’re offsite.

The property management software is accessed via a web URL and functions like a mobile app on any handheld internet-connected device. Even the online portal for homeowners is accessible on a smartphone or tablet.

Accurate Reporting with TOPS [ONE], Real-Time Property Management Software Application

The mobile capabilities make it easier to submit payments, manage violations, and review accurate accounting data. As new information is added, it updates across the entire property management system in real-time.

The data is always as up-to-date as possible based on banking/payment integrations and smart banking data is updated regularly. When a board member reviews a report on a Saturday evening, you can rest assured they’re looking at the latest numbers. Our reporting capabilities let you take your revenue management to the next level.

Additional Features – More Uses of TOPS Property Management System

TOPS [ONE] offers more than the basic functions of a property management system. It includes automations to eliminate regular administrative tasks and save time. For example, if someone enters a violation, TOPS automatically sends the homeowner a notification based on your selected customizations. No more editing a templated document, printing it out, and putting it in the mail. With TOPS [ONE] you can print and deliver from anywhere.

Another feature of TOPS is the community website. Your personalized website is a valuable way to create engagement and share important news with members of your HOAs.

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