Westcoast Management Doubles in Size with TOPS [ONE]

Overall, TOPS [ONE] gave Westcoast Management the ability to get work done faster and more accurately. This helped the business serve customers better and provided the opportunity to grow. We couldn’t have done it without TOPS [ONE].

Growing Smarter with TOPS [ONE]

With rapid growth and two offices, Westcoast Management required more flexibility and the ability to access information from any location, at any time, using almost any device. And information had to be continuously updated across all systems. TOPS [ONE]’s cloud-based solution solved this problem and reduced latency.

Many staff members worked from the road and needed to access WiFi to gather and input data. With TOPS [ONE], multiple team members could access the same community data at the same time to make changes.


Improves Communication Reduces Costs

With TOPS [ONE] all homeowner documents are instantly accessible. Mass email is another critical time and cost saving feature of TOPS [ONE]. Previously, it cost over $2,700 for every mailing sent to homeowners. Now, they get the information instantly at no additional cost to Westcoast Management.


Speeds CC&R Reports Ensures Accuracy

Before using TOPS [ONE], Westcoast Management prepared reports by first visiting each site, taking notes, then returning to the office to prepare the reports. This manual process took over a full day for each community. Now, with TOPS [ONE], the process can be completed in seconds. Before using TOPS [ONE], homeowners might dispute a violation, thinking an address mix-up occurred. Now, pictures of each violation are included in the report. Owners can go into the homeowner portal and access the information.



Westcoast Management Doubles in Size with TOPS [ONE]

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You will learn how TOPS [ONE] helped Westcoast Management double in size by:

  • Improved Communication Reduced Costs
  • Reporting Ensured Accuracy
  • Work Anytime, Anywhere

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