What Is Community Association Management Software?

What Is Community Association Management Software?

Community association management software is what condominiums, and residential community managers use to automate their daily operations.

There are many different tasks involved in managing a residential community, from handling vendors to resident needs to payments and everything in between. Trying to oversee all of this manually requires a lot of human resources and time that is simply not necessary these days with the tools we have available to us. Rental property management software streamlines the processes to automate property management workflows, making managing communities and associations easier and more profitable. This article will discuss the different kinds of community association management software and their features.

What Are the Benefits of Community Association Management Software?

There are many reasons communities use community association management software. When it comes to the challenges arising from managing properties and communication with residents and board members, community association management software streamlines procedures and simplifies these issues. These are just some of the benefits you can enjoy with community association management software.

  • Automates, streamlines, and simplifies the workflow of your community association, including your administrative and management functions
  • Consolidates all resident and property information into a single centralized database
  • Residents have an easy-to-use portal to complete all of their tasks and receive communications
  • Allows you to manage units, buildings, and properties effectively

What are the Different Kinds of Community Association Management Software?

There are all kinds of living communities, from apartment buildings to condo communities to neighborhoods with houses. These different types of communities have different needs to consider, so they need different software. We will break down these different types of communities below and the different types of software that they need.

  • Homeowners Association (HOA): Homeowners associations are often in place in single-family developments where individuals own single homes and the associated land (such as a yard). An HOA board of directors is made up of multiple homeowners within the community. They are responsible for maintaining the community and deciding what residents will pay and what rules they will follow. Therefore, HOA software must have a robust tenant database, a tailored financial management system, an efficient communication system for regulations, and business intelligence and reporting.
  • Co-Op Buildings: Nobody within a co-op building owns their unit. Owners of a co-op receive proprietary rights to live in a specific unit with certain dimensions in the building. These buildings are run by a board of directors who manage the overall co-op, its amenities, and the agreements that occupants must follow. When co-op associations are looking for software, they search for field service management features, which help the board hire and manage outside vendors to complete maintenance work.

What are the Features of Community Association Management Software?

Various features allow community association management software to ease the process of managing any kind of community. These features range across the board of all aspects of managing a community, from finances to resident needs. These features include but aren’t limited to:

  • Maintenance Requests
  • Payment Technology
  • Communication Systems
  • Financial Management
  • Security

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